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Ski Lease at Squaw?

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Hi everyone,


I must be missing something, because I expected to find people talking about ski leases here, but I see nothing.  Is there somewhere I should look?


I'm considering buying a timeshare or condo, but heck, a mellow ski lease might do the trick instead.  Does anyone have experience with such?  Anyone involved in one now?  What is a common going rate for one within 1/4 mile (or reasonable walking distance) of the slopes at Squaw?  Advice for me people?



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Does anyone crazy enough find a place to park a camper and live weeks on end like that?  I just want to ski and not freeze at night, maybe get on the 'net.  Is that possible in an RV type situation around Squaw?

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I don't know about a camper in the winter I've not seen them but given the all the snow this winter I can imagine being snowed inside after a heavy overnight dump.  I would take a camper with an escape hatch on the roof!

You should take a look a craigslist 'bay area' for the moment's going rate on ski leases since it is decreasing as the season progresses and taking a bump up after every big dump we're seeing.

If you're looking for THE most inexpensive accommodations you should chat up the resort workers.


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