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Dream Mountain

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When we're riding the lift my son likes to talk about the trails he would have on a hypothetical "dream" mountain.  The lineup usually starts with a perfectly "seeded" bump run, one run with a series of "pillows" on rock steps (not that either of us have ever attempted skiied a series of stepped "pillows" on rocks, or are capable of getting through them intact), a steep powder run, etc.


We also discuss which 10 runs we would combine from all of the ski areas we have skied to come up with a single "dream" mountain.  Sticking to the East (and to mountains I have skiied), here's the 10 runs I would choose, along with the reasons why:


1.  Paradise, MRG--reasonably long run and wide, can ski it 10 times following 10 completely different paths;

2.  Sigi's Ripcord, Sugarbush--shoulder-height spring bumps;

3.  Bear Trap, Mt. Snow--short run of mellow south-facing bumps with a dedicated lift and good music to ski to (I won't ski with ipod)

4.  Lynx, MRG--pretty birch glade;

5.  Barkeater Glade, Gore Mtn.--Long glade with a couple of reasonable pitches and a number of paths to choose from (I don't like single track glades, I prefer to be able to slalom through the trees);

6.  Cirque Glades, Gore Mtn.--Even longer than Barkeater, but more mellow and has more choke points where it narrows to just one or two options;

7.  Goat, Stowe--Still haven't been able to get to Stowe on a day that Upper Goat is open (or Upper Starr, for that matter...), but it's on the wish list.  Even coming in to Goat from Haychute, I enjoy the length of the reasonably steep bumps on Goat/lower Goat;

8.  Paradise to Ferret to Upper Glade to Lower Glade to Easy Way to Waterfall (and back to the Single Chair), MRG--my favorite top-to-bottom, leg-burner run;

9.  Rumor, Gore Mtn.--Steep headwall followed by irregular, medium sized bumps;

10.  Ovation/Lower Ovation and Superstar, Killington--by the time I get to Killington, Bear Mtn. is usually closed, so these are my favorites along with Low Rider glade (the longest, widest, glade I've found open at Killington); and

11.  Upper Darby/Lower Steilhang, Gore Mtn.--both are narrow, twisty trails with short, steep drops, often littered with the wreckage of intermediate skiiers.


Which 10 trails would you choose to build a "dream mountain"?



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From the east:
Devil's Fiddle- Loving the rock cliffs on this run, my favorite run in the east(I've only been to Killington and Pico)

Devil's Den- A very challenging glade
A Slope- Shorter version of Devils fiddle

49er- A great cruiser

Royal Flush- Great snow, even better moguls

Great Eastern- Great first run in the morning, nice and long

Outer Limits- Steep, Long, Big moguls

Big Dipper- Really steep but trees that are far spaced out

Upper Needles Eye- Short,narrow,steep, always great snow, and nice moguls make up this run

Julio- Amazing snow and can be super steep if you know where to look
That's my top ten based on my limited knowledge

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