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Atomic base plate compatibility

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Bought a pair of Atomic GS used that came with 10/18 Race bindings. Waaaay to heavy for me. Found a pair of '05/06 Neox 614 81 Bindings (D0222251) on Ebay. Are the base plates the same on these bindings allowing me to mount the Neox 614s on the plates currently on the skis???


Or... since the Neox come with base plates, would I be able to swap out the 10/18 base plates that are on the skis?




Matthew S. 



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Neox might work, but might not work too. Depends on the ski. Pictures would be helpful.
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likely the gs sksi u bought are atomic racestock gs, with the 1018 bindings. the neox will likely not fit the plate, like he said, need pictures.

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They're Race LT 12 skis. 


Here's a photo. Hope this helps....


Here's a photo. skis.jpg

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What about RACE 614s?  I don't know, but it seems they might be more likely to fit.

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Would that be the Atomic NEOX 614 RS binding?

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Those will only fit the"RACE" series bindings. you can go to your local ski shop and get some plates that will fit the neox series. You will need atomic 412 race or atomic 614 race. Both of which are now out of production and difficult to find. I bought a pair from a bear which I just received.

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The RACE 614 and the old NEOX are not the same binding (don't know about hole pattern for the old NEOX), but advise you get the RACE 614 regardless.  The new NEOX RS that Atomic advertises on their web site with "race" skis, I know nothing about.

As stated by  ScotsSkier on your other thread  re the GS12s  http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/98807/atomic-race-and-neox-mounting-compatibility



Originally Posted by ScotsSkier View Post

the 412s, the 614s and the 1018s all share the same mounting holes.  You don't even need to remove any screws though.  just slide out heel and toe and replace


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Thanks for the info shoal007. I think I'll switch over to the Neox line at this point as I have little interest in tracking down bindings that are 'out of print'. 


I'm curious what replaced that line of 'Race' bindings?

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Also, I'm selling these 10/18s if anyone is interested? Or would swap for Neox, etc....

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Yeah, you would think they would want their new bindings to match the patterns in their existing plates. 


I would just google up and buy some RACE 614s on line (eg. http://www.joessportinggoods.us/atomic-092.html), if you can't find someone to trade with.  Trade sounds like your best option though; I'm sure lot's of people would rather have 1018s. 

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I have a pair of LT 12s that I bought with 614s..

Ran into all kind of mounting issues.

Betaracer set me straight.

He is the board authority on Atomic stuff IMO.

Beware...the markings on the womens plate on that ski may not be correct!


Read this threaad from the last post back.


Those are some great skis!


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they are being phased out with the "x" series bindings which I believe have different hole patterns. which is a shame because the race series bindings are great besides the defective heel piece design. As you see the race series bindings are very expensive. U might have some luck trading the 1018s for 614s, but from watching things the last few months most ppl prefer the 614 just as you do.

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Thanks all for the help and feedback. What a terrific community here at Epic....


I skimmed your thread, dakine, and I will bookmark it for future reference. For now, I will see if I can scare up a trade for a pair of lighter Race binders. If not, I'll go to Neox and pull the plate on the skis... start from scratch. (I did a search to find plates ONLY and came up with nothing, so I have that to look forward to...) Seems to me this shouldn't be so difficult. At this point, it might be easier to do a course of steroids, hit the gym, gain 50 pounds and size my body to the bindings. 


I'm frustrated to the point that I'm taking the skis with me when I go skiing this week to at least make a few turns on them! Yeah, I hear the LTs kill!


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You could always just screw your boots to the skis and call it good.

I'm 175 pounds and find the very flexy LT's to be very good NASTAR tools as long as I don't try to overpower them or the course isn't slalomish.

Ski them with some finesse and they will snake down the hill unbelievably well.

These are really unique skis, they aren't making any more like them.

Mount them well and lock them up.

Ski manufactures are focusing on bent fat boys and trying to find a soft race ski in 19-21m radius is impossible.

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