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Which skis? east/west

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I do not have skis right now and I am thinking about buying some.  I currently live in Maryland and ski in PA primarily but I am planning a trip out west for next year. I also hope to move out west to either California or Washington in a couple of years. I am an intermediate who primarily skis groomers but I am looking to branch out into other areas.  I am 6'0" and weigh 185lbs.  I am not looking to spend a fortune either.  Any recommendations for skis?

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My recommendation would be to buy an east-coast ski, and in a few years, IF you move out West, to then buy a different ski.


Especially if you are on a budget, buying a ski that would be suitable out west will leave you pretty unhappy skiing out east, ESPECIALLY if you are not an advanced skier.


But they right ski for you NOW, and if you end up taking a trip West, rent. If you move, sell your skis (and sell East coast ice skis while you are on the East coast, there really is no market for them out West), and buy a fatter, more powder oriented ski when (if) you move.

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