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SkiBoards for Teaching Kids on the Bunny Hill?

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Been reading this forum for years, but this is my first post here...


I've been skiing in the Northeast since I was 5.  Now I get a taste of my Dad's medicine in that I have 1 and 4 year olds that are starting to ski (well the 1yo tried some strap-on skis, but she prefers snowshoes for now).   So instead of looking for nice woods, I'm now (at least for a couple seasons) looking for comfort on the rope tow, and some way to have a little fun on the bunny slope. 


I spent my whole childhood laughing at those folks on the rope tow.  Now I'm one of them...but like everything else with parenting...it's a hoot to see my son learning fast, and sporting a huge smile at every turn!


My wife and I (we're both experienced skiers) got to looking for some short skis that would be easier to navigate the lift lines with little kids, and for skiing with our kids at enough distance that they are on their own, but close enough to swoop in for a rescue if needed.  Our first thought was to just get some old kids skis and mount adult bindings on them. 


Then we saw a woman using a pair of Salomon SnowBlades.  That seems like a better option, especially with easily adjusted bindings that we can share.  Then we got looking at eBay and found lots of other options for SnowBlades and SkiBoards.


So a few questions for my application...(which does not involve regular skiing on them...just the kid's stuff)


- Anyone else used SnowBlades or SkiBoards for teaching kids?  Any advice?


- How about a softer boot option?  The rope tow is setup for kids, so us adults have to bend way over, or try sitting back so as not to lift the rope too high (I'm laughing as I type because this whole thing seems comical at times).  I'm wondering if with such a short ski, I could just strap my Sorel Pac Boots in there.  That would make my legs/feet a lot happier, and avoid Dad having to put on his boots while everyone else waits...


- Release vs. rigid bindings?  Should I be concerned about safety?  I'm not too worried with the anticipated slow speeds, but any input welcome.


- Any other options we should be considering?  Budget = less than $100, and we don't mind old/beat up gear.



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I ended up getting a pair of Rossignol Freez'B 118cm skis with step-in releasable bindings.  They were rental skis, so they have finger-adjustable demo plate bindings.


This should make a fun short ski that we can use for a few years while the little one's get their confidence up.  Might not be long...my 4 yo went up the T-Bar for the first time Saturday, and was flawless, so he is graduating from the bunny hill right before my very eyes!  Now its on to the big kids race course...


But I think the shorter skis will still be a big help...riding the T-Bar with a 4 yo who is 1/2 my height makes me use muscles I never knew I had!


Anyone have advice for skiing a 118cm?

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