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Best time to buy used race skis

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I have been on a pair of Atomic SL skis for the past 2 seasons and they are really beat. I have skied them hard and got them well used.  They are my first pair of SL skis so I just picked out whatever i could find that was cheap.  They have worked well for me but after trying one of my teammates volkls I think I would be better off on them being that I am only 135lbs 5'7".  Unfortunately no one on my team is looking to unload any.  Since I am not very experienced in this what is the best time of year to pick up some lightly used/well maintained skis at the best price?


Looking or a 1-2 season old Volkl 165 with plates and bindings (Comp 16 or 20 or equiv).


I have the Atomic 18s on my skis now and they work alright but are abused and need to be set differently to have the same release settings.  I guess I could use them but would prefer to replace them.



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Early next fall when Racers decide not to race the next season. Or get new gear

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Best time to buy used race skis??

When Scotskier is having one of his closet clearing purges of course!  beercheer.gif

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