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Complimentary Ski Suggestion

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I love my 186 HR Jet Fuels. They have no appreciable speed limit and they positively rip all the time. I love the ski, the speed and the trenches I can carve with them.


They are awesome on steeps devoid of bumps and trees but lacking a bit in terrain where something more nimble and flexible would accel. I'm still very limited in bump activities, but do enjoy the occasional shorter run.


I feel obligated to drive the JF's all the time; they perform best when pushed hard. I admit they are still going strong at 3:00 in the afternoon while my quads cry for mercy.


I am a level 8 skier with more force than finesse. I'm 44, 6'2", 245Lbs. I also have a pair of 165 Rossi Raidcal RS which really make me smile with the energy and pop they deliver; mostly on Michigan man made.


Carving and high speed stability is important to me, but i really want something softer and more nimble that won't require me to always be in top gear. Some flexibilty for the (very) occasional bump run and some float in conditions other than groomed. I think I am targeting a sub 95mm waist and a 15ish radius, but open to suggestions.


I'll get less than 10 days per year out west (Colorado) and spend the rest of the time pretending to enjoy all that Michigan has to offer a passionate skier.


I have digested Dawgs review: http://www.epicski.com/wiki/2011-mid-fat-ski-reviews-by-dawgcatching and formed a short list to consider:


Volkl Kendo

Elan Apex

Fisher Motive 84

Kastle MX 98


I plan to line up some demos in Vail this weekend.


Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions,





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To get what you want, you will sacrifice some of the things that you like about your JF. Since you said you wanted complimentary I'm sure you know that.




Motive 84: Not sure that this would be different enough to gain you much in softer snow.

Kendo: Pretty stiff, and grippy but probably little improvement in your desired areas.

Apex: May ring your bell, but I find it pretty uninspiring.

MX 98: Now you are getting someplace



I would add the Dynastar Sultan 94 and the Sollie Sentinel to your list and delete the Kendo and Motive.



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