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Which boot models have an upright stance?

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I had a chance to demo Lange's new RS a few weeks ago and like them better than anything I've been in before or since.  The problem is that I'm not anxious to spend the $400 to $600 on a new pair.  So, my question is, what other models out there have a similar upright (+ or - 12 degree) cuff?  Especially something that might be a couple of years old that could be had cheaper on the used market.  I'm looking for something in the 115 to 130 flex and 98mm width.  I have a Foredom tool and access to a boot press to take care of any punch's and grinds.  FWIW, I've got a pair of Dobermann WC 150's (also a nice upright stance) but they are a little cold and harsh for all day skiing.  So, can't wait to hear all the options.




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Somebody has got to have an opinion on this???

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The Atomic Hawx Series with its FlexZones is 14 degrees at the cuff. Pretty upright! However it is a 100mm last, sorry...

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if you like the nordicas, just add some intuitions (make them warmer), soften the boot a bit (the 150 vs 130 is just taller plastic)  and keep the stance you like?

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Thanks for chiming in.  I appreciate an educated opinion.  The problem with the Doby 150's is that they are dirty bastards to get on and off.  My wife takes great sadistic glee in asking me "why" every time she hears me squealing for help getting them off.  If softening them would include easing entry and exit, I would be all for that option, especially if the intuition liner would fit.  As it stands, I have about a 7-8 mm fit in that shell, so, if you think an intuition would work, I would love to know.  How much space do they take up?   I have 2 pair of 150's so one of them could be sacraficed for the experiment.  Is there any way to make the flex a little less abrupt, deeper and more progressive?  These tend to be a little rough when skiing bumps, etc.  Or, might I be better off picking up a pair of Doby 130 Pro's and starting from there? 

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on the inside of the lower cuff will have some marked lines that you can cut.  This will drop the flex to 130ish.  lower it more, to make it softer still.   I have taken that boot, and made it the same as the Jr race boot with a 90 flex.


7mm should be fine for a intuition liner.  call them (or your local store) and see what model they suggest, but odds are it will be  a stiffer version, and med to thin.


the pro is a wider shape, and will not ski the same.


The 130 will be a bit nicer to get on/off and softer to ski, so if you like that flex, just make your 150's the same...

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