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Alpine touring boots what's the downside?

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So I'm looking at getting some new boots. I do like 95% on piste and my current boot shells are to big and offer no canting adjustment so it's time for new stuff.


I went to tuckermans this winter and would love to do some alpine touring but it'd be a small percentage of my overall skiing?


Would a stiff AT boot like some of the 4 buckle scarpa's or blackdiamonds work for both?




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if they fit your foot profile then they will work, BUT there is always a compromise with this type of boot, ...touring boots are great and going up and ok at coming down the way, alpine boots are great at going downhill and pretty rubbish for going up.......free rando bootslike the Dynafit titan, BD factor etc are as good as you will get for skiing downhill with the ability to walk up too


burt as with all these things it comes down to your foot and the fitting

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This is where the business is at for us in Chamonix at the moment. Very little change or movement in the Alpine Ski Boot Market.


The war (sic) seems to be between the Alpine Boots being able to tour ok and the Rando Boots being able to Ski ok. There are a multitude of shapes, types, fit and models. Given the different liner options and generally higher stand of bootfitting worldwide, we can almost say there is something that will work for everybody, whatever your bias.


For me right now, the Randonnée companies, Scarpa, Garmont, Dynafit are winning this war, their products tour and ski better than the current bunch of offerings from the Alpine companies, Salomon, Nordica, Technica, Atomic. Next year however Tecnica have the most interesting offering, for me it's the first time Tecnica seem to have got this stuff right. All said we are pretty much as close as I can understand we can be to bringing these two different disiplines closer together. Of course, there is a comprimise always, but it's becoming marginal, as is fit, your bootfitter should with the right tools be able to make any of the offerings, fit, ski and tour better, find someone who knows the market inside out.


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There are many great Freeride/AT boots available that will ski the front side great and tour well also.  We sell a ton Garmont Endorphins for just this purpose, but there are others as well.



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Lou, get your man at Garmont to bung you a Shogun. Full 63 shore P-ether. And a real overlap. I think it's unique and almost a similar ski to i get from my X2's. 

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