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Need more wiggle room

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Hi Boot Guys, I recently bought my first pair of boots, Nordica Hot Rod 85 boots in a 30.5 and skied on them for a day. They felt great, and nice and snug in the store but as you can probably guess they loosened up after a day on the hill. Today I tried on the same boot in a 29.5. The shell fit was good (about 1.5cm of room at the heel and very little lateral room). However with the liner in I have very little toe wiggle room in the toe box. Will the vertical space pack out with time? Is this something that is easy to fix or should I start over and look for another boot with more room?


My street shoe is a US 13, I'm about 205 lbs, 6'3", level 6/7 skier. Thanks for any advice you can give. Thanks!

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Really difficult question to answer is this format as we can't see your feet.  But in general boots get bigger over time as you learned with your first pair.  1.5 cm behind your heel is generally adequate for length but your complaint is about height.


Honestly height doesn't change as much, but as the liner packs over the first few days your foot moves further rearward and toe room in all dimensions usually increases.  If not enough it is easy to grind height into the toe box.


If all else is good I'd say you'll probably be OK, but you might want to check with the shop about their return policy just in case.



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