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Mammoth POVs

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To say Mammoth has been good would be an understatement.


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It doesn't seem to be allowing the first vid, so I'll try it in a separate post:


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Very nice!  

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I wish in a way you didn't post those..........I was trying to keep it "What happens in Mammoth stays in Mammoth". ................. 


Some of those runs look all to familiar.      I'm going back next week.      There isn't a smiley with a big enough grin for this thread.

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I really want to go back to Mammoth.  The last time I was there was 1979 or 80 -- holy cow, that's 30 years ago!  And I didn't really know how to ski back then.

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Hey Mammoth has a deal going on till June.


Buy One Day Of Skiing (Monday-Thursday) And Get The Next Day Free!


Go to www.MammothMountain.com/KOZ2L for details.


You will need a 2L bottle of Coke Zero with the Mammoth coupon printed in the label.


It saves you $92.


DO NOT BUY OR BID ON THE ONES ON EBAY! The big supermarkets are your best bet.

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Just got back from 3 ski days at Mammoth...
another storm on top of the 7ish ft from the prior one...
thursday nite up - snowing in Mammoth when we arrived, about 1" on the ground, by 7AM accumulation was up to 14+ inches.
Friday was stormy
upper mtn closed from the get go, main lodge area, gondie, and chairs all closed by Lunch because of high winds and very poor visibily
I did get a few runs down Roger's before the closing...
moved over to Canyon area and skied the tree drops off the few chairs that remained open.
lotta people pissin and moanin about ... snow... visibility
I was in pig-heaven, luvin every moment ! I mean, by the end of the day there was well over 24" to 30" total dumpage of relatively light (for the Sierras) POW!
Continued to snow until next morning... total for storm was anywhere 3 to 4 ft depending on the area.
Crazy busy! Upper Mtn not open early so rather than fight the crowds I went over to Lincoln and yo-yo'd chair 22 til late morning - NO LINES!
Avy Chutes were epic!
made my way back over to Chair 5 - Mobbed! everyone waiting for it to open so they could get first tracks..., same for every other upper lift...
went down to McCoys to see how the Gondie was - Huge Line! but I decided to wait...
somehow I did make it up pretty quickly and even though a lot of skiers had gone up before, Climax didn;t have much traffic (most seemed to go over to Cornice and that area...)
I was Stoked! I still had a huge area in Climax which had almost no tracks!
It was awesome good!
then moved to chair 23 and dropout and wipeout - again, awesome!
Then moved to Paranoids - turned out to be the deepest stash of the upper mtn! Incredible!
By the time the day was done, and I closed the lifts, my legs were literally shakin from the day's session.
Sunday, everything was mostly seriously tracked out, but the snow was still incredible, bluebird sun, hardly a Breeze. Air temps were cool but the sun was usual intense strong.
Snow stayed pretty dry considering the cloudless sky.
Now we had soft bumps - WOO HOO! I Just totally groove on blowin thru soft bumps and launchin from one to the next!
Worked my way back and forth across from Dave's to Paranoids, and the conditions were incredible all day.
Pulled my sorry dead butt off the hill just after 3, to make the Ski Club Bus Departure for the ride home!
there just are no words to encompass the whole experience of 3 days like that, and there's enough juice to make you feel 5 years younger!
hope everyone gets to have some days like that in their season.
18 days and counting for the next Mammoth mission... solid
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This past weekend was excellent as well. I didn't have the GoPro, so no POV unfortunately. I ended up skiing Sunday on 11-year-old and completely thrashed 99cm snow blades, and of course I skied P4 to Philippe's smile.gif I'm gonna say that's the first time snow blades have ever taken that route down the mountain.

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