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specific Q's re fitting kids boots

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Hi gang, newbie here but been lurking for several months - used this forum to find a great boot fitter in Utah earlier this year.


So - about my 7 yr old boy...  He's big for age, about 4' 4or5" and ~70 lbs.  His skiing is adventurous advanced beginner (but no technician).  He's only been on rental gear so far, approx 10 days total over two seasons.  Using a tape measure carefully, his foot measures almost perfectly to 21 cm; wears a US 3 sneaker.   Hard to describe his foot shape but if genetics help, I've a pretty standard US foot, slightly narrow heel and slightly wide forefoot.  I ski an old Tecnica Explosion 8 (and TNT before that), and the above great fitter said I should try the Lange RX130 when I have budget for new boots.  Judging by his hockey skates, at least the wide forefoot descended to him...


My wife came into several pairs of used kids boots (free): Tecnica Agent 65 in a mondo 20/20.5, Tecnica RJ-5 (or -S) in mondo 22.5 and a pair of crappy Head rental boots, also mondo 22.5


Having read many posts, and being pretty anal and analytic, I started playing bootfitter.  I was hoping on the Agent 65 as I've read on here that several of you have had good luck with it.  [Remember, these are one to 0.5 a mondo size too small] Did a shell fit and it seemed perfect - with toes grazing front, maybe a finger or so behind heel and forefoot.  Trying just the liner, it was snug - too much it seemed.  Then with liner back in, we couldn't even get the boot on, even without a sock.  So I set these aside...


Then I went to the Tecnica RJ 5 (or S) in 22.5.  Shell fit was predictably big but not as much as I'd expected, maybe 2 fingers.  With liner in and boots on and snug, he said he could wiggle toes but not move foot.  Said they felt better and snugger than rental boots but I'm discounting his discriptions as perhaps excitement.  He also said he couldn't twist foot and when I had him flex down, he said his heel stayed down.


So, would the bigger but higher quality boot be a better choice than crappy rental gear?


Another question - the heel and toe rubber pads are fairly worn on the sole - Can those still be found for replacement?  At what point will wear there affect the safety of release, etc.?


Any of your thoughts would be greatly appreciated,



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1)  put the kid in what they want to be in.  A "correct" fitting boot, that the kid hates (for what ever reason, good or not) and that kid will not have a fun day.  So you wont either.    2cm shell fit + a happy kid = happy day skiing.  Keep the other, smaller ones, for later, or pass them on to somoene else with kids.   Skiing should just be fun for kids.


2)  you can get the replacements, but odds are they are $50ish.  get the boot/bindings tested to make sure they work, and replace the toes/heels then if needed.


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The smaller boot is the correct fit, but Dave is correct your kid needs to be happy.  But don't jeopardize a decision by trying on the liner and don't worry you can't get the boots on.  Try again and see what happens.  If the shell fit is correct, then you should be able to go with it most of the time.



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