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Shogun mount point???

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hi everyone,

I'm realy interested in the Salomon Shogun's 191cm,

but as always with those polyvalent sticks there are probably a couple of possible mounting points according to the usage.

On a french forum I read a little backward mount helps with getting more control when carving the groomers?!

thank you in advance


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Mount point is a variable for sure and while there as many opinions out there as there are skiers,  there is seldom a hard and fast conclusion as to what is the "right" mount point. The best solution is to spend a day on a pair of demo skis. Start with the bindings on the midsole mark. Make a run or two to get the feel, then move the bindings back and try again. If you feel a difference then you'll probably have a preference and your question is answered. If you don't feel a difference....question answered as well.



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Word SJ!

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