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They'll check for lift tickets and enforce the lift operation hours.  They wouldn't let another instructor and myself take A.J. Kitt and Phil Mahre up the lift early last year.  I didn't see the point in making them wait in that looooong lift line and they wanted to take some practice laps.  Short story.....It didn't happen.  They didn't have a First Tracks Pass.  And the lift foreman enforcing the rules that morning is a friend of mine.Rules.gif

Good to know.  Would you say it is unrealistic to make a practice lap at WP for someone whose race starts at 9:30 AM?  (taking into account liftlines, getting over to start, possible pre-run wax-overlay)???


Like even is that one lift that services Lower Hughes still packed?


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Phil and A.J. were in the Zephyr Express line to access the upper race courses.  That lift is generally packed on weekends esp in the mornings.  There's rarely a line at the Arrow lift which services Lower Hughes.  The Arrow is normally only run on weekends.  I think they ran it last year during NASTAR.  They normally do on weekdays during races.  There are lots of races held at WP.  Wells Fargo Cup was this past weekend.  That's a big deal and we're usually told to have uniforms freshly cleaned by Uniform Services before it. rolleyes.gif  You never know what celebrity you'll run into.


I don't think you should have a problem taking a practice lap or 3 before racing starts.  I did so on the snowboard course.  We did have to roundup SRS staff to help slip the snowboard course as we had a powder dump going on that morning.  I believe they had volunteers slipping all the other courses too.  They always have volunteers on standby to do that and radios are abundant.


BTW:  March is the snowiest month in Colorado.  Powder dumps after the resort closes mid-April are common.  One year they had to cancel a concert due to a snowstorm at the beginning of August.  It always gets into the 30's F at night even in summer at WP.

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Re: flapping ticket.


When forced to wear a ticket on my race suit, I attach it to the zipper and then tuck it down the front of my neck to race.


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OK, I finally stopped vacillating and registered this morning. I'm driving out-delivering the family piano to my daughter in Denver, spending a day or so with her and my little granddaughter then heading up to Winter Park. I should be reasonably competitve in the Men's 55-59 Gold category.


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