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I demo'ed these a couple of weeks back. Just been waiting for the price to drop. I got these for $499 from Aspen East Ski Shop in VT. I had them mounted centered with Salomon 12Ti bindings. This makes for a nice light set up.


Today at Okemo it was 2F when I left the house, the wind was blowing pretty good most of the day, as it has the past 2 day's. This ahs made the snow dry and firm but carvable.


They blew snow on Sel's Choice Monday night. It was easy to ski with my AC40's yesterday. Today with the Kendo's it was less work and smoother. The top 100ft of Sel's was wind blown hard pack worse then yesterday. I was able to make turns on this and then slide the last 20ft slowly to the first bump. The Kendo's felt very comfortable on the hardpack and were easy to sllide. I ski the anti-bump line, I'm 56y/o and tend to want to save my knees and stay out of the trough's this time of year. As the temps warm and the bump soften I'll do the trough's.


Out on the groomers, the Kendo's hold great and like a Volkl are not phased by "death cookies". Ripping down Difience and making 4 turns on the steep face was a piece of cake with these skis. I then continued of the Easy Street making large GS turns to Ledge's. Ledge's was a frozen mess of bumps with snow chunks. I skied the left hand side with ease going in the small trough's.


I skied most of the hill from the South Face to Jackson Gore trying to find some place out of the nasty wind. The North Star chair had the least amount of wind. I tend to ski fast when the lighting is good, today there were on clouds, full sun. I could not find the speed limit of the Kendo's.


For those that don't know me, I do work here at Okemo and have been skiing here every winter weekend since 95/96 season. I ski 65+ day's a seaon. I know where to ski fast and push my equipment. I do my own tuning and also the tuning for some demanding friends.


I haven't removed the factory tune in these skis yet, I tune at 1 base and 3 edge sharp tip to tail. These still have the factory de-tuning. They are not that slow to enter the turn for being a factory setting. They will only get better overthe next few day's as I get then sharp tip to tail.