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Never Used 1998 Gear

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Brand new Rossi Energy Nine6's 205cm. Marker twincam 44's and Salomon 7.0 Xsream's. Pulled them out of my travel bag. They were one of the first shaped skis. Anyone know anything about this set-up? I use to be an avid skiier.  I broke out my XC skis this year and have been out crosscountrying 50 plus times-live next a to park. I was thinking about my downhillers and thought- their too old, boot wont fit and so on. My boots fit fine and Im gonna use them. Id like to find some info on the technique how to ski on them compared to my older 84 RC4 Fischers I use to have. Also, how does that Cam adjustment effect to boot and lastly, i have three selections on top of my Markers-1-2-3.  They had to be nice skis back then and thats all i have for now. Anyway, I think its the skiier that makes them work so I hope thats me screaming down the slopes with them.  205's  ha ha.  speed baby speed.


My MN adage:  As long as your turning downhill your skiing.

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The skis are probably fine.  The plastics in the boots and binding housing around the heel piece spring might blow apart though.  Plastic gets brittle with age even when it isn't used at all.  If your travel bag was stored in a climate controlled, air conditioned place they might be OK.  Regardless, if you decide to take them out on the hill  I'd bring back up gear should something crack or blow apart. 

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They're not _that_ shaped compared to modern skis;  you can ski those skis the same  way you skied your Fischers.


The binding is the problem. 

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what is the binding  problem? and tx for the input guys.

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Originally Posted by SnowHiker View Post

what is the binding  problem? and tx for the input guys.

I've seen the Marker M- series step ins do this exact same thing more than once..

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As shaped skis go, those are pretty much straight, so no worries there.  But as noted, the bindings may be ticking time bombs.  Unless you want to go vintage and do some potentially destructive field testing of those bindings, you might be better off renting.  The boots are probably OK as long as they weren't stored in a hot location.

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I am back. I am break out this unused set up when we here in MN finally get some snow
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Why not wait another month and a week and go for it on the five year anniversary of you starting this thread?  That would be pretty monumental

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