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My hubby lost my boots last Sunday while we were trying to make it up BCC to Solitude. Okay, he says it's Thrifty's fault because they gave away the 4X4 SUV I reserved and gave us a minivan instead, but the bottom line is, we went back up yesterday for the morning before our 1:30 pm flight back to Houston and my boots were MIA

Storm total for the weekend was 44 inches and it was bluebird yesterday morning in SLC..

He has offered to replace the boots and my boots will need some tweaking due to my ankle screws and requirement for molded orthotics but I think a "pound of flesh" is still warranted...

Any ideas?

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I'm confused by this story. They were left in the minivan? The 4X4? The Bus? The Locker Room?


Too bad you couldn't stay in SLC and head over to Daleboot.

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I think confused is an understatement, the entire story make no sense whatever.  How can the boots be lost on the way to Solitude?

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The road leading up to Solitude was, at varying stages throughout the day, restricted. We attempted a drive up, came back down, tried to use the bus, etc.

Sorry, I didn't completely spell it out. I assumed that mentioning the combination of a minivan and a 44 inch storm in BCC, people would have assumed transportation problem

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That still doesnt explain the lost boots

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Originally Posted by noofus View Post

That still doesnt explain the lost boots

Amen. You need to do penance for not telling a coherent story.

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If it really was his fault, whatever the sketchy details I'd say he can't ski until you can also ski.

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Youth sports rule number one.  once you reach the age of 12, you carry your own exceptions--except for smaller hockey goalies and third floor rinks.


if you were my husband/wife/SO and met age limit mentioned above, I'd invoke rule number 1. 


Even as disjointed as that story was, there were clearly 2 adults in the vehicle(s), I assume, since you were on your way to ski in BCC and mentioned only a bit of hardware in an ankle, you have the use of most of your limbs??  Did you carry anything  other than this stick you want to beat him up with??






carry on. 


if it really was his fault, I'm with the gentleman from NC!

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Never trust anyone named "hubby".

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Penance?? I can't think of anything worse than him skiing in rear entry rental boots til you get fixed up.

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