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Spyder Kids Clothing..

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Hi all, newbie here...

I want to buy a Spyder ski jacket and pants for my little guy for next year, as there seem to be some decent sales on now.  I'm looking at the 'Mini Leader' style jackets...


He is 3.5 years old, currently about 36 pounds, 39" tall.  He is a little bit on the tall/skinny side.

His clothing is a combination of size 3 and size 4.


Can anyone comment on the fit of the Spyder kids stuff?  I know they have the feature where the arms and legs can be let out a bit.  He'll be 4.5 years old when using this stuff, so I'm really not sure whether to order size 4 or size 5.  I'm leaning towards 5, but not sure if it would be way to big for him...


Also, are there any other really nice quality stuff that I should check out for him instead of Spyder?  Where I live on the east coast of Canada, none of the stores have nice kids stuff, so I'm stuck doing the online thing.



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Order big. We did. They run a bit big, that's not the issue. It's how fast your son will grow. If he's already a half size ahead of his age, the 4 will be too short by next winter. 

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Your son's first kids clothing for skiing! Exciting! Spyder has great clothes and I agree with beyond... buy big. A little big is a lot better than too tight. Also... Burton makes pretty great kids ski clothes




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My son has done well with both Spyder and Obermeyer.  Both have allowed us to lengthen sleeves and legs.  I have managed to find everything at end of season sales at least 50% off and got 2 seasons out of every one (so far).

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Thanks all!

Getting him started in anticipation of many father/son ski trips to New England.....(his mom doesn't like crazy is that?!).... :)

Now just need to decide if the lime green color (in the mini leader) is a bit too extreme!

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We also had really good luck with Obermeyer.

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You mean you have a mixed marriage.  A skier and a non-skier.


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Originally Posted by handhdad View Post

You mean you have a mixed marriage.  A skier and a non-skier.


Yup.  Oddly enough, her family grew up a 10 minute drive from a large ski hill, yet none of them ski.  Hockey family....

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Obermeyer has fit well on our tall/skinny 4 y/o. 

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Once I'm asking about clothing, could you all recommend what the best goggles would be to get him, in the $25 - $50 range?


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I have tried both the Obermeyer and the Spyder jackets and pants with my kids.  They like the feel of the Obermeyer gear better even though, to my eye, the Spyder stuff looks better made.

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We received the size 5 jacket/pants in the mail, they make them small!

My son is 3.5, and the size 5 was a pretty good fit now, just a tiny bit too big for perfect fit!!  We are sending it back and will size up to a 6 so that it will be better for next year.


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