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intuition issue

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Hi Guys


I have a pair of Nordica Beast 10's that were professionally fitted and I love. Towards the end of last year and this year for sure, they were getting too loose/packed out.  I talked to the folks at Intuition and it was decided Power Wraps size 11 (boots are 28.5) would be best.  I was away on business and was near a shop that did Intuitions, and had that model in my size.  I had them fitted yesterday, and the guy at the shop seemed to know his stuff and was confident.  He just had me in a thin sock (no toe cap!) and they were very tight on fitting, but I had heard that was to be expected.  Later, when he had me do a final try-on, they felt better, so I left it at that.  When I got home and tried to wear them for awhile, I realized they are going to be (much) too tight. Some online reading informs me toe caps are a must.  I am not anywhere near the shop and won't be anytime soon, so I was wondering if I could remold them at home.  I have seen 2 methods online...Sock filled with hot uncooked rice for 8-10 minutes in boot, and then foot (with toe cap and footbed) in for molding.  Would this work to modify the toe space?  Alternately, I could reheat them in the oven and re-insert them, then foot in.  Any advice what would be best?  Unfortunately, for now it'll be a case of doing something myself, or taking them out.


Thank you for any help you can offer,



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Hi Again


After skiing in the Power Wraps for a couple of days, I decided I had to do something and used a sock with a small amount of hot rice in the toe area only, and remolded the toe boxes.  Worked great.  Only other problem...The front cuff overlap feels great on the right boot (where I used to have shin pain with my old liners).  Now. I get pain over my tibia at the very top of the cuff when I flex forward on the LEFT side.  If I loosen the top buckle and booster strap it is better but not gone, however I prefer this area to be tighter for skiing.  My question is, can I use my heat gun over the front cuff area to soften it, buckle loosly (and loose booster strap), and get a remold of this area? (or will this area change much without heating the entire liner).  Again, I will have no access to a professional for quite some time, so any advice you could give will be most appreciated.




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heatgun, and keep the heat on low, and the gun 4-8" away from the liner,   GO SLOW, but yes, this should work, or at least help

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