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I can be an insistent guy. Tenacious. Annoying some may say. People have been known to go to some length to get rid of me, get me off the phone, out of their offices, out of their homes.

But I digress.

A couple years back I talked someone at Nordica, part of the Tecnica Group, into making me a replacement liner for my K9.1 ski boots. The boot was out of production, but repeated emails and phone calls seemed to wear them down. I arranged billing through a local shop and they shipped me a new liner for 75 euros. A good deal, I thought, to prolong the life of my boots for another couple of seasons.

This season, I decided to repeat the trick, this time for a pair of Speedmachine 14s. Just before Christmas, I contacted Nordica in Italy, but they didn't have any replacement liners, and didn't offer to make me one. In January I called Nordica in the US. They had two pairs, but required me to hook up with a US shop for the payment ($100). It took me a day or so to find a shop willing to do this, and in that time Nordica US had already sold and shipped the liners to someone else.

So I got back onto Nordica here in Italy. Would they maybe be getting some liners sometime soon? Check with us in February, the said. On February 1, I called. Nothing. Called again on February 3. Nothing. I sent an email the next day, and another the next week. Finally, someone responded, asking me for my address. I figured they thought I was a shop or something, as they'd want to arrange billing.

Next day, I got a box from Tecnica Group, no invoice, containing  a brand-spanking new pair of Speedmachine liners. Free. Rock on!