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Stockli ski questions

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Hi All,


Cracking forum, I've just joined and been reading loads of topics over the weekend.  I have a question about Stocklis.


I have the Laser SC 163cm currently. They're brilliant when im going fast, a v stable ski.  However it could be me going mad but they seem slightly unstable on v steep slopes that requre short quick turns.  Is that because they are quite narrow?


So I've had them approx 2 years and I would like to treat myself to some new skis.  But what to try.  There seem to 3 choices:


Laser SC (again)

Laser SL

Laser SX


Im 37, 5'8", 178 pounds, been skiing 30 years, would probably consider myself advanced/expert level.  I live in London so only really ski in France.  


As above I love long fast runs, but also skiing as steep/challenging runs as possible with quick short turns.  I never ski powder.


Oh yeah any other skis besides the stockli's that people would recommendfor the above?


Many thanks!

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Laser SX.  Have a look for dawcatchings review in the gear section.  Best hard snow ski around at the moment.

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Brilliant article, thanks! I have now written off a complete day at work researching this, and I think I am down to 2 choices:


1. Laser SX 170cm (I think the 162 might be a tad too short unfortunaetly)

2. Laser SL 166cm


People seem to rave about both but I'm still not to sure what the difference is between them, is the SL more of a race ski? Will the SX @ 170cm be more difficult to do short quick turns on v steep slopes the the shorter (but stiffer?) 166cm SL?


(Apologies in advance for the retarded questions). Oh yeah I think by the sounds of it the Vist Speedlock plates with the 614 bindings seem to be a must have. However some reccomended the speedlock TT and some reccomend the speedlock race but there are 4 differeent versions of the race per vist's website?


Many many thanks, BJ

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You might want to consider the Laser CX which is very similar to the SX but has a slightly different shape and, according to the Stockli site, is more suited to short turns.

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Own the SL in 166, and the SX in 178. Both are great skis, but are different:

SL is a slalom ski and is great for when you want to make a lot of tight turns (13m radius) and ski with a group of slow skiers.

SX is a high speed cruising ski for when you want to make longer turns (17m radius) and ski with with a group of fast skiers.
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Own the SC (63mm) @ 170cm & The SX (70mm) @ 178cm.  Sometimes I think the SC is too short (me 6' / 195lbs).  The SX @ 178 is awsome & I wouldn't go shorter, but YMMV.

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