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All mountain Twin Tips

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I'm looking for a new set of skis. My price range is under $400 and I'm looking for a set of all mountain twin tips. I spend about 70% of my time on groomers and hit a few jumps at the end of the run in the park. I want a ski that's a middle ground between carving and, can handle a few jumps in the park. So far I'm looking at these skis:


Head i.Peak 74 '11

Head Mojo One '09-'10

Line Chronic Cryptonite '11


Anybody have any experience with these skis? Also open to other suggestions as well. They dont have to be the newest models, old ones are fine too.



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If $400.00 is your price point, I would recommend checking out an "entry level" twin tip ski. I came across a really good deal on the Head Mojo Mix (172cm) with Tyrolia LD-12 bindings. The Mojo Mix was Head's version of the starter twin tip for the 2009 model year. Head has been cranking out the same basic wood core ski with different graphics for years. I picked them for under $400.00 ($219.00 for the skis, $119.00 for the bindings). I wasn't expecting much from the Mojo, I just thought it would make a good back-up ski for the days when my other skis were in the shop, but I was pleasantly surprised. Who knew "entry-level" could be this much fun? With a 79 mm waist, 18.9 meter turning radius and a stiffish flex, the Mojo works for me as an all mountain ski with a bias (say about 70%) towards blue groomed runs. The Mojo is a bit limited in the park and off-piste, so it's not really "all mountain", but it carves better than other twin-tip skis that I have ridden (Dynastar Troublemaker, Rossi Scratch Sprayer, Rossi Scratch Ghetto).

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Is that $400 for just the skis or for skis and bindings?  There is a bit of a difference.  You say 70% groomers, but what about the other 30%.  Doing a few jumps at the end of a run doesn't really sound like 30% to me, but I could be wrong.

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Nordica Dead Moneys.


Skied on this ski end of last season and much of this season.  Mounted with the Nordica free plate and 16.0 nordica binding.  Mine are mounted back.  These skis rip through everything.  Hold an edge on ice, carve the groomers, power through crud,overall ski everything very well.  Took them out to A basin last spring and got some pow in and they float well too considering size.  As a racer these are my favorite skis when im not racing.



Here is this years version, I believe they are the same ski as last.  they are labled as a park/pipe ski, I barely ski park but im sure they can take it.  Highly recomend.

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