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Jay Peak Feb 20-23

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Pics and possible vid will come at the end, and will be updated daily.


1st day, the 20th: First time to Jay and the resort is reporting a reasonable 2-3 inches, but as their website says, that wind drifted deeeeeeep in the glades. No snow but solely ice on the trails, yet in the glades I was constantly hitting untouched half a foot and even as deep as a foot in places. Explored the place boundary to boundary, found some "secret stashes" of mine, Andre's Paradise at 9 AM, the first run of the day, was definitely run of the day with a good 5 or 6 inches of untracked all the way down. Tuckerman's and the Face chutes are closed, which I was definitely looking to hit so hopefully they'll open before I leave. Also, the ridge looks really sketchy atm so I hope it's better than it currently appears cause I'm looking to hit that. So, it was great snow till about 11-12, and quickly took a change for the worse and was exposed down to its rainy icy layer. The entire mountain (except for the secret stash :) ) became very very icy, even in the woods (all the steeper woods at least).


2nd day, the 21st: Wow, overall fantastic day. Tons of snow even though they're only reporting a single inch. Was finding fresh snow everywhere, every run. Groomers were a mess by 2 though, and all tracked glades were bad by 2 also. Skied some random treed area between the Face Chutes and Tuckerman's in a foot plus of fresh snow with 2 guys I met, but the trees were so tight it was some really techinical terrain. Then 2 straight runs of Face Chutes in a fresh 4-6 inches onto St George's Prayer. Face Chutes were never skied besides by me three times and a patroller, so there only 4 or so tracks down the deep snow. Perhaps it's the first 3 or 4 turns thats about 35-40 degrees and tight with dangerous fall consequences. After that, it's wide and great snow and perhaps 30 degrees.


So far a great 2 days, and those pics are to come as well as the rest of the days. Then its off to Tremblant for 3 more days and Ill get another TR possibly for that.

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 Feb 20 pics:


Me in Timbuktu








Left to right: Summit and Tramhouse, Powerline, Bonaventure Quad and Liftline, Can Am, and Tram



The Jet area from Bonaventure Quad




The Face Chutes and Summit/tramhouse


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Feb 21 pics:


L to R: Haynes, U.N., The Jet. Taken from Jet chair




Looking up Face Chutes... POW!



Looking down Face Chutes



St George's Prayer... very nice!



sticking poles in 2+ feet deep on St Georges Prayer


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Thanks for the detailed review and great pics. First trip ever to Jay is scheduled for the next snowstorm, so I appreciate the beta.

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 Feb 22: Good day, had a new recruit in the group to bring the group to 3. Bluebird day, wind blown around and still freshies to be had run after run. Skied Face Chutes plenty, no freshies in there now but still soft snow. Everglade area (do not drop in under the sign, drop in where Alligator Alley starts to go up hill and its tight trees but plenty of snow) and the very bottom of the Northwestern territory, and Canyonland provided plenty of snow. Freshies run after run. Groomers were in great conditions, combined with great views. No lines.




Fresh snow in the tight treed area around Everglade.



Great view. Mount Washington in the background.




Face Chutes from the top:



Don't worry, there's a little tree path that goes right around the cliff upon entering. There's practically no snow in that  line above!




On a really interesting note on the 22nd, I was skiing out of Canyonland onto Angel's Wiggle, got caught onto a sheet of ice, fell on my side, had enough momentum to roll myself over backwards, push on the edge of my tips and stand up and continue skiing backwards. That's one of my greatest feats on skis hahahaha.




Feb 23: Bluer and warmer today. Canyonland is mostly skied out by now. Northwestern Territory is getting skied out but still great snow to be found, but your bound to cross over some other tracks. Everglade's fresh lines are becoming fewer and those of which are tighter. But we found a new route, which is to take the Face Chutes, drop into the skier's right chute a quarter of the way down and then drop into woods half way down that chute. Led to about 300+ vertical of 4-6 inches untracked in these widely spaced trees to play in. Definitely made the day a hundred times better. The top part of the face chutes is miserable though, a complete opposite of 2 days ago. It's covered in ice and wind blown, and a fall would lead in a bad bad slide. But it's worth it for what lies below.


Pics (none really today):



Big Jay:




Ready to jump the ridge:




Looking up at the ridge and face from The Jet


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