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heating salomon impact 10

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what is the proper procedure for heating the impact 10's to make the toe box wider?  I need just a little more room for my toes- right now the toes are pushed together a bit to much.  I'm skiing with very light socks.  I'm thinking on putting on some wool socks after heating the boots with a hair dryer, but I have not been able to any write-up on how to do this.  Any help is greatly appreciated-


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Quick tip


Pull liner and heat with hairdryer EVENLY. I would suggest the thickest pair of sox u own or 2 medium thick sox(for fitting only, not skiing). Put liner back in carefully and buckle in. Let cool and try back on with ur thin sock. You'll be gold!!

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do I need to do any flexing- or just buckle up and wait-

thanks for the help- seems easy enough

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I am  an easiest and less agressive first kindah guy. Snug buckles, not tight. Then hurry up and wait. keep me posted on this one. I have several other tricks up my X Socks!!

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I'm planning on doing this tonight while I'm sitting around watching some college hoops- I guess I would use the highest heat setting on the hairdryer- and about how long does it take to heat up? 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes?  can a hairdryer get it too hot and damage the shell?

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are you trying to mold the liner or the shell?    Hairdryer on high heat, but keep it 4-6" away from the liner, and heat until you can feel the heat on the inside.


shell,   leave in almost boiling water for 5-10 minutes.

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trying to do the shell not the liner-

boot soup- haven't heard that method before.  origianlly I was told to use a hairdryer to heat the shell- is this possible?

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Either will work, but ya,  use the thicker socks, and maybe some padding on the foot where you want the extra room.   buckle med to tight and let cool for 10-15m

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If you read my post more carefully I stated heating the LINER with the thicker sox. This will give you more toe room. It will take some amount of heat to soften the shell. Do liner first...

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