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I've only been on the slopes for 11 days, and love to do nice big turnes down several Blue runs at Beaver Creek. Two weeks ago we got a good foot of powder and I set off on my own and try it out. Lets say right now I hate powder and hate chopped up powder even more. When I ski the groomed runs I can feel the pressure on my shins and the edges of the skis when i turn.  But in powder I can't seem to flex the boot and my balance is all over the place feet are pulled every direction and I'm generally out of control. I generally have pretty good balance but after two days of trying I really was turned off. 



I'm 6'3'' and 230 pounds very athletic and work out a lot.


I'm skiing some Elan magfire 78ti and my boots are Nordica Hotrod 105 (flex with a dial to 95-105) currently set to 95.



Are there any drills or things i can try to increase my ability to flex the boot ? Or do I need to just relax and keep skiing the blues and focus on technique and it will come with time.







the problem isnt your boot its your technique and/or you skis.


Technique is we dont skis powder slamming our shins into the fron of our boots, and we also dont brace against out edge but instead balance on our bases. The bigger your bases can be IE fatter/longer/rockered skis the easier it is to balance and the easier it is to make ankle adjustment since there is something to push against.


It also sounds that after 11 days you simply arent ready to ski powder and dont have enough basic skills to ski in it or on it.  Trust me, I d prefer everyone hated powder as well(more for me!) but its the best stuff to ski.