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Did I buy boots that are to stiff?

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I've only been on the slopes for 11 days, and love to do nice big turnes down several Blue runs at Beaver Creek. Two weeks ago we got a good foot of powder and I set off on my own and try it out. Lets say right now I hate powder and hate chopped up powder even more. When I ski the groomed runs I can feel the pressure on my shins and the edges of the skis when i turn.  But in powder I can't seem to flex the boot and my balance is all over the place feet are pulled every direction and I'm generally out of control. I generally have pretty good balance but after two days of trying I really was turned off. 



I'm 6'3'' and 230 pounds very athletic and work out a lot.


I'm skiing some Elan magfire 78ti and my boots are Nordica Hotrod 105 (flex with a dial to 95-105) currently set to 95.



Are there any drills or things i can try to increase my ability to flex the boot ? Or do I need to just relax and keep skiing the blues and focus on technique and it will come with time.






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Hey that's a great boot, and not really so stiff, 43 shore Polyether is almost the best it gets, this boot will not over stiffen or soften with extremes of temperature, so i'd suggest you stick with the boot and have a bootfitter check over the alignment, fitting, footbeds and dorsiflexion of your ankle. The moutning position of the bindings, or their type may play a part in this. Skiing powder after piste can require some trail and error, see someone who can asses it. If the boots however are too big, skiing powder will expose this due to added swing weight of the skis with extra snow on them, this maybe the reason, I just can't tell. Boots to stiff??? In my world it's impossible.

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thanks for the reply, I know for sure they aren't to big. I had them fitted at a good shop in denver and the boot is very very tight without discomfort. I'll need to look into a boot fitter here in Vail and see if MY lower body is the issue. Plus I think being a multi sport athlete in high school makes me want everything right now and I'm still adjusting to sliding around on snow. Plus the extra 60 lbs. makes things different. Since I'm extremely new to skiing its good to hear that the materials and boot are good quality. 



My GF and I ski together and she's trying to help me develop good habits, But some things just need reps and time i guess. Plus its hard for her to explain since she's been skiing for 23 years and its second nature for her. Maybe I'll look into some video this spring so I can see what I'm doing.

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try fatter skis too.


78mm + 12" powder = shitty day for most skiers.

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Congrats on skiing so well in 11 days!  and remember if skiing powder was easy, everyone would do it!


I would take the above suggestion to try wider skis.  I would also suggest tightening your power strap around your liner before buckling your two upper buckles.  Make sure to tuck the D ring on the strap inside the upper cuff and secure the strap tightly around your leg pulling the liner snugly against the rear spine of the boot then buckle the top buckles a bit looser than normal.


Realize that skiing powder and crud is a three dimensional proposition and requires managing the chaos happening under your feet and finding a soft focus on your balance.  Rather than pressing into your tongues as in skiing firm groomers you will be skiing more of a berm or platform you create under your skis by tipping them on edge and riding around that berm.  Quite different than skiing groomers.  You are not skiing the edges but the de-cambered curve created by the flexing of the ski.  Take a lesson from one of the great pros at your mountain.  Most skiers work way too hard in powder at first but once you discover the secrets, it becomes the most euphoric form of skiing and will cause you to spend way too much money and time seeking out these conditions as often as possible!


Good luck!

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