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Ankle width problems (Impact CS 8)

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I have been lurking for a while but I decided to finally register.




Level 3 skier (Canadian) ~7 or 8 PSIA rating??? [edit: 6'2", 180 lbs, reasonably athletic]

2010 Impact 8 cs with the cuff bolts from the Impact 10 cs, size 26, heat fit shell twice, heat fit liner 4 or 5 times.

Superfeet trim to fit footbed 

Rossi Avenger 82 carbon 177, Salomon Shogun 182, Rossi Scratch BC 178(the yellow ones)

I know without seeing my feet this means little but - high instep, high arch, definitely some pronation but obviously this changes depending on what edge I am on in the turn. I have a very sensitive nerve at the highest part of my left foot (above 2nd cuneiform?) that literally can have no contact without pain, tongue has been reshaped, webbing above the tongue removed, padding compressed.


All of the To-Do s from the FAQ are being followed aside from that I use a slightly thicker sock if I ski a second or third day in a row.


I have been having issues with pain on the medial side of my ankles (bottom of the tibia). The boot fitter added large c-pads to the outside of the liners to redistribute the load. The pads wrapped about 270 degrees from vertical above my ankle to horizontal in front of my ankle (wrapped behind my ankle). This then needed to be trimmed because it was causing pain in front of my ankle (navicular and/or 1st cuneiforms???). This is not working so I need to go back and get them worked on again. I did a shell fit with and without the footbed and a lot of my weight is being borne (and painfully) by the tibia on a bulge of plastic beside the rivet in the clog/lower boot shell (any ankle and the boot are fighting very hard to occupy the same space).


For anybody that is familiar with this boot - How much plastic can be ground away just below and to the rear of the medial rivet/pivot? My guess is that I will need several mm removed before there is no contact (without the liner in the boot). Does this sound like too much removed material for the boot to take? Is there anything else that could be done in addition to grinding? I was told that they likley wouldn't be able to stretch the ankle out at that spot.


If there is anymore info anybody wants just let me know.



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Varus wedge

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you CAN get a boot stretched out at that spot.   you just need even heating.


where in CND are you?  Lou is in calgary, I'm in banff, top shelf is in fernie.

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I am in Calgary and ski in Fernie. I bought the boots at Ski Cellar so I get adjustments for free, so I am inclined to use them until I feel they are not able to fix the problem, basically if they tell me I need a different boot I will be off to see Lou, I can't afford to replace boots every year.


Interesting about the varus wedge, when I run I run on the outside of my foot unless I make sure to make a midfoot strike. I also often stand on the outside of my foot (arches lifted), maybe this is subconscious to take load off my knees and ankles, both of which I have injured on my left side (although those habits apply to both sides).


How well do wedges work with Superfeet? They seem fairly stiff in the ankle and mid foot and I can't see them conforming well unless the wedge goes the full length of the footbed. I assume full length wedges are not standard as most of the wedges I have seen online are only for the heel.


Thanks for the quick responses!

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don't worry about your gait foot formation. We are dealing with a weighted skiing situation.


Is your superfeet cork, if no then a standard V wedge should show results. if good. add on wedge on another. If that is too much back off to one. Remember, by wedging footbed you move ur ankle bone to a fresh part of the liner. give yourself time to reform liner. Hairdryer!!

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Don't understand why it is impossible to punch the boot there.  A varus wedge may help but perhaps you are more neutral than you think and medial posting does not always correct foot position and as you say pronation depends on edge angle and pressure in the turn.   Still it is an easy option as is punching.


We don't charge instructors for work and don't charge anyone for consultation only.  Why not stop in and at least get a second opinion?




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Hi Lou,


Thanks for the reply. I am tentatively booked to go back to SC tomorrow. Is it possible to come see you tonight? If not, I can push back SC until Thursday.



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To update this thread:


Lou punched both ankles and navicular after doing a shell fit. My ankles are still in contact with the shell so I will have to bring them back and have them moved some more but I need to find the time (I still haven't even phoned about the footbeds he made me and its been a month noweek.gif).


One issue that has crept up since the punches is that I am now tightening the upper buckle as tight as *I* can possibly tighten it (one latch from the end and the latch plate is already moved farther from the buckle). It doesn't bother my calves but it does tighten the instep which I don't need and makes it more difficult to retract my left foot. Consequently I had the plastic on the lower tongue shaved on the left boot to reduce the pressure on the nerve. I also had the right pinkie toe punched but as with the nav punch there is the IMHO stupid CS shell seam right there and it has separated.


I think the heart of this thread update is to say that overall, the boot fit is getting better but these are probably not the right boot for me in the long run and not much can be done to stiffen them anymore than has been done.


Lou, since you have seen my foot, do you have (or can get) anything that you think will work much better than what I already have (if you remember what my foot looks like)? I don't want to trim the footbeds if I am just going to replace the boot.

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