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Tired of Renting

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Hey guys new here and looking for some help. I'm looking for my first par of ski's, I'm from the mid-west and the experts and shops are far and in between. Anyways I'm 5 10''~11'', male and weigh about 170lbs. Size 14 mens,32 ski boot. I do pretty well on the green and blue runs here (which I know isn't much). I don't want to spend much on my first set, I'd like something that will help me excel to the next level without having to pay a rental fee. I was thinking of buy a used par of  K2 Apache Sabre Skis. With a 163cm to 170cm length (leaning towards 170). Am I on the right track? Now boots, again this being my first par I don't want to spend a lot. Should I buy a gently used par or just suck it up and buy a nice new par. This is all for know. Any thing helps. Thanks guys.

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Buy a great pair of new boots that are comfortable and then deal with skis later.

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I agree with the advice of getting good boots first and foremost.  As for skis, I started with a pair of K2 Apache Raiders and have just now outgrown them.  They are a softer ski, which when you're learning is a good thing since it makes them easier to turn.  If you can find a good deal on a set I don't think they will dissapoint you. 

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Spend the cash and buy new boots from a good local shop.


Make sure the shop knows how to properly fit boots as well.  A good boot fitter will be able to look at your feet and more-or-less tell you which boot you should be buying.  All of our feet are different, some have high insteps, some low arches, some super-wide.  A good boot is absolutely worth it's weight in gold (or maybe powder).


The boots may also require some adjustments, make sure your fitter can do these (punches, etc.)


Skis are always the last thing on the list to purchase.


Not much info to go on to recommend skis for you.

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I'm a size 13.5 street shoe and wear a 30/30.5 shell- you are only a half size bigger, so I doubt you want to go 2 shell sizes bigger- not only will you have very little selection, but as the 32s pack out, you might find yourself swimming in them...a 30/30.5 might be too tight, but might be made to work by a good fitter.  Be very hesitant to go above a 31/31.5 as it is much easier to expand a boot where it is tight than contract it where it is too big.


As far as skis go, I would think about getting used gear...should be more and more deals as we hit the spring.  Maybe others will chime in, but a versatile carver like the Dynastar Contact might be a good midwest option 

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Welcome to Epic.  Go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and read the wikis about terminology and fitting and also check the list of fitters to see who may be near you.  If nobody is listed near you, ask and the chances are good that someone will know of a boot fitter.  Boots are way more important than skis.  With a properly fitting pair of boots, I can have a pretty good time skiing almost any ski, but poorly fitted boots will make even very high end skis very unimpressive. 

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