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Is my GoPro Hero faulty?

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Today was the second day I've taken my new GoPro Hero HD to the ski area.  Apparently yesterday the battery wasn't properly charged because I got one 1:30 segment and another 20 second segment and that was it.  The weather today was pretty miserable, about 5F when I tried it out so maybe the weather caused the problem.  What I got were at least two pretty large gaps in the video.  It goes along fine and then suddenly jumps 100-200 yards down the run.  This seems pretty strange but maybe it was the weather.  Anybody got any ideas?


I will be back there tomorrow and the weather is supposed to be better so I will try it again.

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ive used mine to neg 10 with no problems-seems strange

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I finally plugged it into my HDTV and the whole thing is there, just doesn't show up on my POS HP laptop computer, even if nothing else is running.  At least I know the camera is fine. 

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Perhaps your HP laptop is too slow to playback the HD video? You need a fairly fast CPU to process it. If it's too slow, you can see skipping in the video like that.

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Are you using Moviemaker? My HP loves Moviemaker with the GoPro.


Funny, I was using an Apple when I was in UT last month, and the GoPro just didn't run right, video was choppy.


I digress.


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I was using CyberLinks PowerDirector 9.0.  The processor in my crappy HP laptop just can't handle 960p or 1080p.

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Perhaps it's the class of the SD card? You might look into compatibility between that and your computer.

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To reiterate:

Nothing wrong with the camera or card, clips play just fine straight into HDTV from the Hero.  The problem is completely the fault of the laptop processor being unable to handle 1080p at any time and even having problems sometimes with 960p.

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My go pro showed a weird pinkish color, at the very first minute of some of the files, when exposed to temperatures below 5F...

But I sent them this link and they are gonna give another camera. icon14.gif




And my mac sometimes choppy the image while playing mad.gif

but I still can edit it on Final cut.



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Now that is strange, they owe you a camera.

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