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Close to disaster recoveries

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Got some favorite videos of recoveries? Here's a couple I just found. Very similar mechanisms actually by two very different skiers. Shot by the same guy in super slo mo.


Here's Beni Raich . Near disaster at 29 seconds...riding the "third edge".

video by 3CAConcept


The British skier Niki Sole almost buys the net:

video by 3CAConcept


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Here's one I made from Beaver Creek footage I shot this season.  Hammers the gate to hard before launching and gets twisted.  


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Incredible recoveries.  What's also amazing is how quickly they are back in racing mode.

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Remember Bill Balls Out Johnson?




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Vonn doing the split earlier this year. Bode riding the fence on the Streif.

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Bode riding the wall, Kitzbuhel Downhill 2008. I think there's an Italian announcer version somewhere where the guy shouts "Mama mia", but I couldn't find it.


video from lucaruzz


Here's Vonn at Lake Louise this year. December 4th Downhill  where she got second. (Why were there two downhills there?)

She starts at 25 seconds, bounces off the ground at 40 secs.

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Originally Posted by epic View Post

Vonn doing the split earlier this year. Bode riding the fence on the Streif.


Ya, I tried to find that one when I stumbled across the Bill Johnson one..

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Here's Vonn at the end of the World Championships Downhill at beginning of February. Post concussion.

Is this what you're talking about, near the finish?

From Universal Sports:

At about 1:24 is the recovery.

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^^^ No, the one I'm thinking of she went down on her side riding her inside ski while the outside ski and leg was practically straight up in the air before when got it back down on the snow.  I believe she finished third in that event (either an SG or downhill)... wherever/whenever it was this year earlier..

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The Cortina downhill may be the one you're thinking of:


All of these examples of what human beings are capable of doing on skis just astound me.  And make me feel the occasions on which I might have impressed other skiers totally undeserved...

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How about the Todd Brooker WC Downhill run.

Where he loses an edge and finishes the turn on his inside ski.  His outside ski way up in the air. I think he finished 2nd in the Race. It was in 1983 or so

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