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Tip Dive

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I ski Volkl Mantra 184s at 94 underfoot for all conditions.  I've noticed I can ski any moderate fresh up to say 18" with no issue.  Friday and Saturday it was more like 36" of fresh and I got into some trouble on the Mantras with tip dive.  Thinking back over the past few seasons, all my wipeouts tend to be from going over the handlebars after one or both skis get extra loaded with snow and stop while I keep going.


It happened several days at Alyeska in super heavy pow.  It's happened two days at Alpine Meadows on 36" or so of Sierra Cement, it happened at Squaw Friday in 36" of relatively light powder and yesterday at Sugar Bowl in about the same.


I've had the Mantras 5 seasons now through about 120 days and my skiing has gotten so much better as a result.  I think skiing the same skis has really helped me figure out their strengths and weaknesses.  It has also helped me to be much more confident on them.  Aside from one day in Alyeska where my skis didn't make the flight (skied Blizzards) and one day at Squaw (Head Mojo 94) where I needed a full tune, I've just skied the Mantras.


I talked to a salesguy at Kirkwood after checking out all the new rockered fat skis and kind of laughing at them honestly.  He spoke very highly of them and showed me the early rise/dual rockered skis that were out there.  For the 2-3 days of super deep stuff I probably get a year I'm having trouble justifying setting aside the Mantras.  In the right scenario, a demo day might be in the cards but I travel long distances to the mountain and can rarely get there for first chair on a powder day without factoring in the demo time.


My question is what kind of techniques can I apply to the Mantras to keep the tips up and eliminate this weak spot in my skiing?



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first, get a strong core and legs, especially quads.


second, and it's an act of faith, go moderately fast, hands forward, look way ahead.


but, if you rarely ski powder, it is expensive (amortized per day) to gear up for it, but you need it more than a seasoned local due to lack of conditioning and skills.

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Tip dive is because of the ski and not the skier. In 36 inches of snow its is basically bottomless and the mantra will tip dive as it tries to retain its cambered shape. Very precise loading up off the ski and more speed can make that skis(or any ski work better),




Do you "NEED" rocker, heck no. Will it make you life easier in alot of conditions yes. In 6 inches of dense snow, to 36 inches of huge storm snow, to 14 inches that was doable on the mantra, to wind crust, to super wet spring snow, a rockered ski will let you ski it better than someone not on a rockered ski. you could not keep up with yourself if one verision of you was on the mantras and one was on say a Katana.


Which BTW is highly recommended, try the Katana in a 190cm. Really its might actually better than you mantra everywhere but groomers.


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Ya, 36" was bottomless for all intents and purposes.  I made it through that much snow for the runs early in the day.  Once the sun got on it, the snow started to get a bit thicker and therefore tougher to plow through at the speeds I was managing.


I like davluri's suggestion of going faster.  That's what I typically tell skiers who I'm coaching along who are at a slightly lower level than I'm at.  I suppose it is mental.  I see trees and steeps and start slowing down to pick my line.  I can make quick turns in a pinch but I'm not 100% confident that I can at speed in conditions I'm not particularly used to.


Thanks for the rec  on the Katanas.  I see plenty of Katana's and Gotama's out there.  I always figured these were part of a larger quiver and that the guys skiing them had a sub 100 mm ski for non-pow days.  Maybe not.  Maybe they just deal with junk several days or weeks after a storm better than me.  On those non-pow, crusty type days I stick to the groomers and practice carving or hit the park.

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