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Flying into Denver March 3rd. Where to go skiing??

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Plan on skiing for 4 days.  Flying into Denver on March 3rd.  Dont know where to go skiing.  Thought about staying in Keystone and doing two days at Keystone and two days at A Basin.  Anyone have any other ideas.  It will be just me.  37 yr old male. 

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Better snow at Breckenridge.


Why not stay at Frisco and ski A-B, Keystone, Breck and Copper over your four days?  You can get free bus transportation to each.

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What kind of skier are you and what kind of terrain do you like?

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Like steep groomers Not much into moguls. Like the t bar runs at breck
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If you're into "groomers" then Keystone is your place. I'm just the opposite and hate the cord so I haven't been to Keystone in 15 years. Like someone else said, Breckenridge has better snow this year. You can find some steps at A-Basin too.

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What about Snowmass.  Never been there?

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Snowmass is an awesome ski mountain with a variety of terrain including steeps, bumps and cord. It's Aspen though so expect to pay more for everything than you would in Summit County. You could do Vail with a shorter trip from DIA than going to Aspen and find the same, great ski variety but you'd find similarly expensive lift tix and accomodations. The back bowls at Vail and Blue Sky Basin have many groomers and open Bowl skiing similar to the "T bar at Breckenridge" that you mentioned. If you haven't skied Vail you owe it to yourself to get there. Snowmass is great too but if I had to pick from the two with all things otherwise being equal (snow conditions, etc.) I'd choose Vail.


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I skied on a 7 day Vail epic pass earlier this year. Vail's back bowls are huge and Blue Sky Basin is also impressive.

For Vail take the West Vail exit and free park at Donovan Park with the Matterhorn free shuttle bus stop near by.                              


I also really liked Beaver Creek. BC gets the smallest weekend crowds of the Vail resorts. There is some great black diamond skiing with groomers, moguls and tree sking and three lifts with the bases close together and skiing on two sides of a valley, plus the Birds of Prey World Cup Downhill run. Sharpen your edges for that one.


Also a good idea to check the snow reports and just go to whoever has the most fresh snow.



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Thinking of Flying into Aspen and staying at snowmass.  I have never been there.  Have been to Vail, Beaver, Copper Keystone, a-basin, Loveland, and Breck.  If I fly into Aspen I probably wont rent a car and will be stuck in Snowmass/Aspen. I guess there is enough terrain there for 4 days

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Sure. There are four mountains to ski. Snowmass is the best. Have fun. Should get a nice dumping later this week and might be good when you get down there.

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Unless you have kids, I usually recommend staying in Aspen.  Lot's more activities and restaurants. You won't need a car at either and the bus service is really good. 


Snowmass is really big and mostly groomer heaven, but Aspen mountain has steeper groomed runs.  They groom Copper, Spar and Ruthie's everyday and usually one easier black.

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