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Whiteface, Jay's or Save it for Utah?

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Alright I am in a situation where I need to make a choice.  Whiteface NY, Jay's Vermont or Alta Utah??? I consider myself an advanced skier who can handle at least all the terrain I have come across.  The biggest hill to date has been the western territory at snowshoe, WV, and we dominated both cup run and shay's (that's both terrorizing cup run and ripping through moguls on lower shays twice in 10''+ of fresh, and a handful of times on the hard pack) I am looking to be challenged more at a MOUNTAIN not a mole hill as at the local resort I am bored after an hour or two of skiing unless I am jumping in the park. Let's hear your thought!

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Alta has a great park. wink.gif


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Well yeah, if your gonna travel to do Alta, you might just as well get the bird with the same stone.


Whiteface and Jay are the Apple, Alta (and Snowbird ) is the Orange, ok, you can't compare them. If all else is equal ( meaning travel expense, etc.. ) you would be foolish not to go to Alta, just saying.

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Is there really a question here? Save it for SLC. Iceface, Jay or SLC - really? Please.

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having never been outwest I just wanted the opinions of those of you who have been both east coast and west.  It is likely not in my budget to do both, so I had to choose between the east  2-3 times or west once and east once.  I gather utah, colorado, wyoming would be money more well spent for a week long trip. So now the question is staying 6 nights and seven days where do I roam?

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if this was the last 50 days jay would have been the answer.


but its not go to utah.

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You guys from Ohio are a frustrated bunchsmile.gif, these recent threads from other Buckeyes address some of your questions:  





As we head into spring going out west may make the most sense for this season, but I think you'd enjoy plenty of the larger mtns in the northeast. If you could do two trips north for the price of one western trip I'd choose the northeast for the most part, but from Ohio you can do Colorado very cheaply by car if you have a couple drivers to share costs and driving.

Two mid-Atlantic ski areas that have more challenging terrain than Snowshoe are Blue Knob and Timberline.  Those might be good for long weekends in mid-season.  Check out the photos of Blue Knob from Feb 2010 in this thread:  http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/94144/swift-silent-deep-dvd-trip-report-contest-the-jackson-hole-air-force/30


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