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Thoughts on demos

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HI all,

I'm going to spend a week out west and am interested in trying out some 80-90mm skis.  I've done a fair bit of reading (including the crazy88's thread), and now I'm looking for some focused comparisons so I can narrow down my choices.  I'm renting off-hill, so I'm limited to 4/5 skis total and thus need to focus.  My desires (barring 12" of fresh every day) are for a 50/50 ski.  Any c/c thoughts about:

Dynastar Sultan 85 vs

Nordica Burner vs

Volkl Kendo vs.

Rossi s86 vs

Fischer Motive 84 vs

Solomon Enduro


For reference, my daily eastern ski is Dynastar 4x4 172 and I like the solid, grippy feel I have in them.



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No one really skied two or more of those skis and willing to c/c?

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It'd help if you added info about yourself (skier level, height, weight, and such) that being said though, I like Kendo and Motive, also check out Fischer Watea 84

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OK, sorry.  I wasn't thinking that would that relevant, but here it is: 

I'm 5'8", 175, level 8 skier.  Capable on pretty much any run in New England, looking to move into 3D terrain more comfortably.  I tend to be a technician, rather than a power skier.  I tend to short-radius the fall line on steeper stuff but open up to GS turns on groomers.

As I said, I love my Dynastar 4x4's for eastern non-mogul conditions.  I think I like a damper, more powerful ski; I like the Dynastars much better than my previous Fischer RX-8's.

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I just got back from Jackson Hole last weekend.  We had no fresh snow while we were there.  Northern and North Eastern aspects were chalky edgeable snow with some softer stuff here and there depending on wind etc.  Other aspects were hard and crusty in the morning and softer after warming up in the sun in the afternoon.  While there I demoed 3 different skis.  Fischer Motive 84 C-Line, Dynastar Legend Sultan 94 and the Fischer Watea 94.  Out of these three skis I preferred the Dynastar Legend Sultan 94.  The Motive 84 was great on the groomed but didn't really ski great on the cruddy heavier conditions we found.  The Sultan 94 handled the non-groomed much better with a little bit of float and ability to punch through crud and heaver snow easier.  It also handled well enough on the groomer and I found I enjoyed the longer radius for the bigger mountain than what I am used to.  The watea 94 handled the crud and softer snow conditions well, but I didn't care for it's performance on the groomers so much.  They were really in need of a tune so I don't know how much that played into.


For comparison I ski in the the Midwest in cincinnati and my daily drivers are a pair of Rossi Avenger 82 Ti.  I am a strong expert skier.  If you are looking to get off the groomed into the more 3d snow I would suggest you look even wider than 85-90 and go up to 95.  It can make a huge difference.  My fiance who skis Fischer RX8s at home and had never been out west before really enjoyed the performance of a 95mm ski compared to the other 85mm ski she tried in the non groomed/3d snow.

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Originally Posted by RaceDude View Post

It'd help if you added info about yourself (skier level, height, weight, and such) that being said though, I like Kendo and Motive, also check out Fischer Watea 84


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Blizzard Magnum 8.7 IQ might be anohter good one to try


You may also want to post which would you prefer:  hard snow bias or soft snow bias.


The Watea series from Fischer is soft snow biased, the Blizzard IQ are more hard snow biased.


Good luck


not sure if you are hitting Park City but they have a nice demo hut at the TOP of the hill

I got ~ 6 hours of high end demos in for around $30-40

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