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One Quick Question About Boots

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Just told by a ski tech that my boots are a parking lot away from failing.  They are Salomon 7.0 X Scream boots that are 10 years old.  Any thoughts?  I just upgraded my skis and bindings not thinking too much about the boots.  Do I really need new ones?

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Either the tech is correct and trust worthy or he is lying to you trying to get you to pony up more $$$ for boots- it's pretty darn hard to tell from here. Do you ski once a year or 60 days a year? Do you care for your boots or toss them into a corner of the garage unbuckled and wet between use? Do you walk around in them or keep them on snow only? Did they fit properly from the start or are they packed-out? It's a definite 'Maybe?' or 'Probably?'.


Or we could go with the 'Ol' Stand-By' response- yes, you need new boots, buy the red ones.

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I ski a few times a year, in the past three years its only been about 5 times.  I do walk on pavement sometimes but not often, usually the parking lot is covered in snow.  I keep my boots in the garage but dont put them away wet.  I have never had any problems with the boots ever, and if I can keep them it would be my preference.  The ski tech is at the local REI, and used s tool to measure the boots.  They dont even have any boots in my size at this location, so...where do we go from here?  Probably just ski with them and hope they dont fail, otherwise I have a buddy who will sell me his Salomon Mission 7 Recreational's used once for $95.  Good deal?

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OK, you're giving two conflicting answers here. You are saying your boots have very little use. You are also saying that the ski tech measured toe and heel lug wear and concluded that the boot shells are worn to a point of no longer meeting the DIN standard...


Since he didn't have boots to sell you I would guess that he is being honest. The fact that he works at REI leads me to think he may know more about canoes than ski boots... so, we're back at square one.


This just isn't a question that can be answered over the internet. Perhaps a second opinion (by someone who can visually inspect the boot for wear) is in order?

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did the tech say what part of the boot is failing?   the toes?  the heels (they are replaceable I think)   the liner?   do you have any issue with them?  (liner, flex, etc)


I'd take them to a small, local, shop that just sells skis (not a big box, canoe and tennis racket store) and see what they say, and if they can test and prove  that the boot is failing.

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All you bootfitters make me laugh!


I luv red boots, they r soo fast!!


Back to REI guy, if soles are not worn and the boots are still snug, ur good. Get a binding function test and u will know ur answer.


I am usually more sarcastic in my posts but my peers have taken care of that already...Ha!

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Thanks for all the responses.  I figured it out though, I just replaced the heels myself.  We shall just have to wait and see whether they really do fail.  I doubt it, as I said before they are not used that often and the wear I had was in the heels.  We should be all set with heels replaced.

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