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Hey all,


I'm pretty new (sadly) to the skiing world and this is my first post here. (wasn't really sure which forum to post in) I did a search and found some other information on this topic but it seemed scattered so I wanted to start this thread to keep it all focused in one place.


I live in DC and East Coast skiing has been fun for me because I'm still a beginner/intermediate skier and I just don't know any after about noon is normal for me! But I was planning on taking a trip this coming December (2011) with a bunch of friends and needed some advice. I know it may not be the best month for conditions but it's our only choice.


I'm open to any place out there...Montana, Idaho, California, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado.....or anywhere else out that way that I'm not even thinking of yet. The problem seems to be that people are saying early season conditions can be spotty at many places.


The trip will be 5-6 days, at 1 resort or 2 max. Dates are around 12/13-12/19 or so.


I was hoping for some guidance on which states/resorts/mountains tend to give you decent early season conditions. I'm not looking for backcountry or super hard bowls or double blacks or anything like that. I'm working to get comfortable on all blues and a lot of my friends are gonna be greenies only.


Again, I'm open to all places out that way so I don't box myself in to any particular area.


Thanks in advance for any advice you all can give me!


Happy skiing,