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I just demoed the Cochise185 at Park City last weekend in the afternoon, after it had snowed 8" the night before. I began the day on my 191 Answers, got first tracks, but then had to leave to watch my niece race at Canyons -- no she didn't win, but did well. The Answers are nice skis, but feel heavier and stiffer in the tails than the Cochise. Obviously, since we are all starved for pow, everything was tracked up by the time I got back out on the Cochise, but they just tore it up. They rip through crud, and are much easier to maneuver through trees than The Answers. I loved em. I wasn't crazy about the huge turn radius on the groomers, but that's not what I want them for. Bottom line, the Cochise is a great ski. It's easy to ski, so if you aren't the strongest skier they will boost your confidence. And, if you are a strong skier and like to rip, you won't be disappointed. BTW, I am 6', 200 lbs., and the 185s were perfect.

P.S. I wouldn't buy the Cochise for a one-quiver ski, unless you lived somewhere like Park City, but then who would live in PC and only own one pair of skies. Anyway, if you are going to ski a lot of hardpack, and only get pow and crud occasionally, I would suggest something else entirely, as mentioned by others above, say a Volkl Mantra at the most.
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Originally Posted by alexzn View Post

Don't get carried away in the hype, you need to get a ski that is appropriate for your level of skiing and technique.  Mantra is too much ski for someone who is just getting comfortable on blacks.  A wide ski with flat camber and a decent amount of metal in it, like a Cochise would not be my first choice either.  Fatter skis demand good edge angles on anything but powder, and it sounds like it will be an additional burden and would hamper your progress.  I'd go for something softer and more moderate width (88-94)-ish (Legend 94?).   At 145 lb a 185 Cochise looks rather suicidal.     


^^^^^^ my thoughts exactly! DANGER River-z.

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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post

I looked through and did a search but unable to find a discussion


Anyone mount up Cochise's for touring?  too heavy? thoughts?  

Also interested. I just scored a pair of 2014 185 Cochise and 177 Scout, and I am thinking of mounting the Cochise up with Radicals and selling the Scout...unless, I can find a ski that is much lighter and just as stable.

OTOH, the Scout, at 177, may be a great mountaineering option

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What are the major overlaps between Cochise (177 or 185) and Bonafide 180?  Does it make sense to form a quiver with these two skis?  

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Originally Posted by Kopar13 View Post

What are the major overlaps between Cochise (177 or 185) and Bonafide 180?  Does it make sense to form a quiver with these two skis?  

IMHO it doesn't make sense, though they ski differently they pretty much cover the same range of conditions. For me these are both 1 ski quiver type skis. Any ski you add to it would be specialized say a dedicated front side carver or on the other side of the spectrum a dedicated powder ski
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Seems a good opinion.  What about the 186 Bodacious and the 180 Bonafide?  

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Bodacious and Bonafide makes a lot more sense.

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Originally Posted by Kopar13 View Post

What are the major overlaps between Cochise (177 or 185) and Bonafide 180?  Does it make sense to form a quiver with these two skis?  

Hi Kopar13.  There's a ton written about these two skis, here and elsewhere.  Fwiw, my thoughts comparing the two are here. I noticed in another post that you are 5'9, 170#, so that thread might also be useful for you in considering sizes on the various Blizzards given that the OP in that thread, procos, is a lighter-weight guy.  In terms of size, you fall somewhere between me and Chuck (procos), so consider our respective feedback with that context.   


I agree with RainyDay's comment above that the Cochise and Bonafide are overlapping in broad purpose, although they ski quite differently.  In deciding between them, I think that it really comes down to where you typically ski, how you typically ski (and want to ski) and what you already have in your quiver.  Notwithstanding the fact that they are overlapping, I think that a case could be made for owning both if: (a) you ski 30+ days a season in varying conditions and at different mountains with different character, (b)  live in a mountain community and ski enough days so that multiple skis for the same/similar day, or micro-differences in quiver slots, makes sense or (c) are an unrepentant gear whore.


fwiw, I qualify under criteria (a) and (c) so I am giving it some thought for next season.  I know for certain that if I were to add a 100-110 to my mix, it would be the Cochise 185.


In comparing skis that I own, or skis that I like (and would consider paying $ for), I tend to think in terms of ski days, not ski attributes.  Once I've decided that I like the attributes and feel of a given ski, the consideration is more along the lines of, for X conditions at X mountain what ski would I pull from the garage for that specific day.  Because I generally ski off-piste in a diverse mountain environment, I like to consider any ski a OSQ - for that day (with some exceptions for swapping in/out a powder ski when it is handy).  For recreational free skiing, I tend to think that the idea of a quiver tightly tuned for micro differences in performance and environment is practically the domain of the few (the loony fringe in places like this, on-mountain pros, mountain community residents, dealers with a shop full of demos to pull from, etc. . .).  In my case, and probably in the case of most people, I am typically skiing at mountains where it is too large (or the parking lot is too far away), or with friends where it would be too annoying, to be swapping skis in and out like golf clubs.  So I try to make a call in the morning that makes sense and then just make it work.  In terms of quiver size, that's simple - N-1 (N=the number of pairs that would put my marriage at risk).


It sounds like you are pretty sold on the Cochise.  Without knowing the other skis that you have, but based on your size and the fact that you want something reasonably nimble without sacrificing power (an all-around OSQ), I think that the 177 would be a great choice for you.  And I think that you'd find it plenty stable on edge.  Have fun.  And definitely demo if you have the chance.

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Lewy ~ Thanks for taking the time to share those thoughts.  I already own the Bonafides 180, and I also use a pair of Rossi HP 170 for those days when I just want to burn around on the frontside.  I am looking for something to add on the larger size but not necessarily dedicated powder boards because I don't typically encounter big powder days.  I want versatility, nimbleness and power, with stability.  I like the Blizzard skis and prefer to stay with something from their line.  Any further thoughts are appreciated.  Thanks.

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The Bonafides are already so versatile that only going up to 108mm is kind of silly IMO.  There are plenty of powder oriented skis in the 112 - 118 range that can still do a fine job when things get chopped up or aren't perfect.  Atomic Automatic, Salomon Quest 115, ON3P Billy Goat, Moment Bibby Pro, Blizz Bodacious, etc. etc.

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Adding a Cochise to Bones is quiver micro adjusting. If you can drive either of the skis properly, you won't notice the difference too much on most days. In days you notice you will wish you has something else. JayT is right on the money with a 110+ ski advise. I would not get the Bodaceous, it's a WFT ski, so my guess is that you won't be able to drive it properly. I know I cannot (at least for more than an hour:-). If add a Patron to the list and there is always my favorite: 112rp from DPS. If you like to stay with Blizzis, there is Gunsmoke.
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What's a WFT ski?
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Oops, I meant FWT, freeride world tour. Bad ass skiing.
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Originally Posted by alexzn View Post

Oops, I meant FWT, freeride world tour. Bad ass skiing.

I'm not a badass, but it's by far my favorite 'big' ski.
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It's all relative:-). Arne Backstrom designed it for bad ass skiing.
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And they're good enough for Arne's dad! (Yes, he skis on a pair of Arne's V1.0's) smile.gif
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I believe Arne's dad is a way better skier than the average EpicSki netizen:-)
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Originally Posted by JayT View Post

Moment Bibby Pro
Actually, in the current lineup, the Moment Governor (formerly the Bibby Special) is probably the closer choice.
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