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Head Monster Big Mountain 103 Team?

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Just bought a brand new 09'/10' pair for $229.  Good deal?  I couldn't find any information about these skis before I bought them anywhere on the web.  I just know that I love head monsters, but have never skied anything this wide.  Will they carve, and what are their strengths?  My last pair of skis was a pair of Salomon X Scream 9's.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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How long are they?  How much do you weigh?  How strong a skier are you?  Where will you ski them?


The reason I'm asking is that I *think* that the skis you bought might be the limited-release version of the Head's burliest big-mountain ski.  It was made in very small numbers and was intended for competition skiers.


If they are, then they're probably a 191 or 193 length.  That's a VERY stout ski and it takes a pretty strong skier and pretty high speeds to drive it.  It would be a pretty significant change from X Scream 9's.


I'm not sure that's what you have, but that's sure what it sounds like to me.


Can you post a photo or the dimensions (or both)? 

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They are 183's and they are the limited release team ski.  They are pretty burly, they are 103 under foot and 120 at the tip.  I have them mounted with Head RFD 14 bindings.  I weigh about 215#'s and am 6' 1".  My X Scream's were 187's and are 10 years old, I have skied Head monsters before and loved them in the same length, just nothing this wide and stiff and heavy.  

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I forgot the mention that I would consider myself a very strong skier, I ski anything and everything.  I am planning on using them the rest of this season on CO slopes both resorts and backcountry.

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"The Head Monster 103 Team is basically a full-on GS race ski that happens to be about twice as wide as a typical race ski. This makes it extremely stable at high speed on any snow, including ice. Although its a little too wide to say that it is a great carving ski, it does an acceptable job when groomed runs have to be skied. The wide platform gives this ski plenty of float for powder skiing, but its more of a big mountain charger style, skiing fast and jumping over rocks and cliffs." 


Sidecut: 125-102-117mm
Turn Radius: 37.3m 


103 team.jpg

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Let's just be honest, it's one BA ski.

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