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fernie discount tickets?

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I've exhausted my normal ways of getting discounted lift tickets (liftopia, aaa, costco...) to Fernie Mountain (BC) with no luck.


How does one go about getting discounted tickets to Fernie?





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Hi Matt,


It's next to impossible to find discounted lifts at Fernie, unless you know a local season pass holder, a staff member or you purchase a ski and stay package through various tour operators or central reservations which include discounted lifts. Both the resort and Tourism Fernie have an online booking system where you can explore packages (www.tourismfernie.com & www.skifernie.com)


J Gyorki

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I second the suggestion to go the package route. You'll find that RCR has most of the bednights sewn up anyway, so this may be your best bet. I think the hostel used to have some package deals that were relatively good if you are looking for cheap--cheap. If you go the RCR route, the Stanford Inn is fairly reasonable. The town has better night life than the resort, so if you are a party animal keep that in mind (and the resort is only about five minutes from the town). Yama Goya has marvellous sushi in town as well. 

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