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Important muscle groups for skiing

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I've been skiing 16 years, but I never put much working into preparing myself before the skiing season. This year I decided I'd actually try to workout and prepare myself before I went skiing, so I'd like to know if someone could tell me the important muscle groups that I should work on.



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all of them

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Actually I've seen more benefit from working on mobility than anything else,

But that is coupled with a solid strength base.

GPP,general physical preparedness,work on everything

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Do a Youtube search on dry land training ski and you'll come up with a ton of videos.


Take some of those routines and build your own.


It does make the early season easier, at least for me it did.

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Originally Posted by loboskis View Post

all of them

This might sound a bit tongue-in-cheek, but its true. There's no one muscle group for skiing. Its a dynamic activity that involves so much movement...and thus requires so much muscular involvement.


And as noted above - improving mobility is every bit as important as improving strength. Find a good functional training program, or a good sport-specific program - for any sport really - and you'll do well.


That said, something is better than nothing. So whatever you do will probably help.



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Think back to last year's first few days of skiing and remember what made you sore the next day, or what ended your days skiing earlier than you would have liked (if that was the case).


If it was your quads or glutes, that's your focus. If it was a general tiredness, work on your aerobic fitness. If you can't pinpoint a focus area, then it's a general full body fitness program with a focus on your core, legs and glutes.      

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