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Squaw Valley Sport Shop rip-off

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Heads up everyone if you are contemplating ordering anything from the Squaw Valley Sports Shop. Service is good, but they'll steal money from you calling it 'sales tax' even though they are shipping the goods to you out of state (I believe this is illegal, but who can afford to contest that for $30 or $40). If you are buying from them, ask them to state all costs up front. I hate to have to learn these cheap lessons even from 'reputable' shops.
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I think there may have been a recent change on that...
The last couple of things I ordered on-line had tax added. Anyone know the deal?
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Some states now are requiring their merchants to collect sales taxes regardless of the location of the purchaser. Technically, the purchaser is supposed to pay sales taxes to the state of residence if he's the final user of a product. That's in the statutes of most states. Almost impossible to enforce, so some states now are putting the tab on the merchants. The organization of state governors is trying to come up with a way to start collecting the sales taxes being lost to mail order business.
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I do. It is illegal. Ask for your money back.

http://www.newrules.org/retail/inttax2.html :
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According to your links this is not illeagal but new law.

sales/use tax is indeed collected for most "brick and Morter" houses now even if the final destination is out of the state. "Mail order" or merchants that do not have a "retail outlet" in the state, Only a warehouse or shipping location do not normally collect sales tax for out of state sales but for those of us that have a "retail location" must indeed collect sales tax. I'm included in that as I do sell computer equipment for my business.
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I'm not sure I'm following some of the previous explanations (they may be right, I just found them hard to fully understand).

Here's the deal:

This is an old issue for catalogue retailers. If the company selling to you has any brick and morter presence in your state, you must pay full state sales tax (your state's). Otherwise, the states have always claimed you still have to pay tax (regardless of whether they have a physical presence in YOUR state), but it has been impossible to enforce and the catalogue companies have claimed that such tax is not legal or justified... so in practice you never had to pay it even though it was a disputed gray area. With internet sales growing, states have become more vocal and aggressive in trying to collect this. These same ambiguous "rules" apply to a store shipping to another state in which they do not have a physical presence.

In your case, the store may not be fully aware of what has become accepted catalogue company practice (not charging sales tax), or they may not want to take any chances since it is a disputed issue by many states, I can see them taking that side (even though it is a minority side among retailers). So there you have it. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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