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What's stiffer than an Obsethed and softer than a Katana?

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I'm looking for a wide all-mountain ski in the 105 to 110mm range to take out on fresh snow days.  Something I can have fun on from beginning to end of the day and not need to switch skis partway through the day.


The 08 and 09 Obsethed is along the lines of what I'm looking for, but I think it's a little softer than I'd like for bashing PNW cut-up.  The Katana, while rather different, would also fit the bill, but I think it's a little stiffer than I'd like.  I ski on the very first year of the Mantra, which is the softest one out there.  I don't really want anything stiffer and actually I think I'd be ok with something with more forgiveness and a bit less crud busting ability.  When I say soft or stiff, I really mean I could give up a bit in crud-busting performance to gain some forgiveness.  I don't ski that fast really, but I do tend to ski with a heavy-footed style (I'm less efficient than I should be; working on that but not going to fix it completely anytime soon and I'm ok with that).


Does anyone know what would fall partway between the two skis in terms of stiffness?  I realize these skis have been discussed ad nauseum but I'm looking to put things in context better.


Skis that I think might fall in between the Obsethed and Katana would be:


Rossignol S6 (prior to the rockered version)

Salomon Czar (this looks like a nice choice although I wouldn't mind if it had just a bit more sidecut)

Elan 1010 or Olympus (thinking this might be about as stiff as the Katana and therefore stiffer than I'd like)

K2 Sidestah (also thinking this will be too stiff for my liking)

4frnt VCT Turbo


Can anyone compare any of these skis from firsthand experience?


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Atomic Coax



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Elan Olympus.  Just a bit softer than the Katana, probably why it is so popular.  Kevin thought it was the best ski of the 2 demos he attended (about 28 skis in all) and he was on the wrong length (183cm, and he is 6 foot 2, so 191cm makes more sense for him). 


Sidestash is stiffer, if anything, to the Katana.


Maybe new Armada TST?  Definitely softer, not sure how soft the Obsethed is at the moment. 

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Katana isn't hard to ski at all.  The rocker makes it friendly.  You're worried here for no good reason :)

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I would try the katana before discounting. The Volkls might have the best camber profile for a all mountain fat ski ever made IMO, combined with metal its a pretty freaking awesome ski that is stupid easy to ski on.

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The Czar does fit into that range, and don't worry about the turning radius spec -- they turn on a dime in my experience.  I really don't think traditional sidecut and radius calcs apply for these classes of skis, since you're generally not using the edges in soft snow, and on hard snow you tend to ski only the middle of the edge much of the time.  The Czar can pretty much make any shape/radius turn you want it to, it just won't be a pure carve.  But they ski surprisingly well on packed powder.


I agree with Bush that you shouldn't write of the Katana until you try.  It's a great ski.

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