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Foot warmers in boots

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My wife and I are going to SLC next weekend and are planning on getting her new boots.  She has a condition called Raynaud's Syndrome which is poor circulation in her hands and feet.  She has to be careful to not let them get too cold.  She always uses the full size disposable foot warmers.  My concern is if she gets a custom insole she won't be able to fit these in her boots.  I have seen the hotronics battery powered foot warmers and wonder about these.  Does anyone have any advice for her.  She will not ski without some type of warmer.  Also, any advice for bootfitters in SLC.  Thanks for the help.

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hotttronics work great.  dont fill up space, and keep you warmer.


also to help with cold


thinner socks (yes, thinner to let more circulation go to the toes)


boot gloes


intuition liners.

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While your in Salt Lake City stop by Daleboot. It is a custom boot company. Liners they use are warmer than most standard liners and the boot will fit precise which can all be in your wife's favor for her condition.  Have fun.....

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Atomic womens boots come prewired  for heat.

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