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WTB: Wide brakes for Railflex II

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I just bought some used fat skis, 110mm under foot. I have a pair of Railflex II binders on my Head im77's so i'm thinking of putting a Railflex plate on the fat skis and reusing those binders. This way I can play with the balance point on these new boards.


I just need some fat brakes. Anyone have a pair to sell?

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untracked.com has them but not cheap.

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why not buy a schizo or a griff' demo and then you will have a good binding with the ability to move; at about 1/2 the weight much less toe/heel delta.

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Try going with a flat mount binding.  On that wide of a ski, you will definitely notice the slop in the RF setup over time.

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levelninesports.com has them for $35

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Got mine from levelninesports.com.
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Make sure you get the right brakes for your bindings. Not all RF bindings use the same brakes. The RFD bindings use different brakes than the RF bindings. I discovered this through personal experience when I bought some 115mm brakes from Level Nine that did not fit my wife's RF10 bindings. The Level Nine people know what brakes are right for which RF bindings as they sell a lot of Railflex, so just ask them if you unsure.

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Thanks for pointing out levelninesports, i had seen the brakes there before. I contacted them to see if what they sold would fit and it turns out they won't fit my SLD binders but I have a pair of RFD's that should work. They're scheduled to arrive on Wed, woohoo.


Thanks again for the tip.

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