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CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Frizzen, frazzen stupid @$$ ski tip hooked a stinking gate hissyfit.gif!  OS says I have at least a grade 2 MCL tear and pretty sure I have an ACL tear.  Did the same thing on the other leg 3 years ago accept the MCL was only grade1.


I'm not 100% sure I hooked the gate but it's the only explanation I can come up with.  In my memory I just cleared the gate (didn't bash it - no pads on) and was still on my up hill edges.  I was turning right, upper body square facing downhill and all of a sudden, my right leg felt like it was yanked up hill - strait up the fall line.  There weren't ruts, the snow seemed fine, no ice or debris on the course.  I felt I was past the gate and starting to transition but not yet to a flat ski.  My upper body was doing the "dive downhill" bit. I was transferring more of my weight (pressure) to the uphill ski. 


It happened with such force that when it was yanked (like a dog running full force to the end of a leash), it tore the acl and mcl then and flipped me over!  That was the only time I felt pain.  Though it felt like it was yanked up hill, I'm sure it just stayed put and the rest of me kept going downhill.  Next thing I know I'm going end over end and went through the next gate in the air but upside down, and rolled/slid through the following gate.  I was almost at the end of the course and it was fairly straight.


The only thing that hurt was the leg yank.  A couple days later I checked my skis and one ski had blue plastic along one edge and some marring on the ptex.  Not sure it was the ski that was on my right foot.  The odd thing was it would have been the uphill edge.  I suppose it's possible I hooked the downhill side of the gate.  Maybe the ski's edge got caught were the grooves are for the turn key for screwing in the gates?  The blue plastic on the skis could be from going through the following gates when I was upside down.


My bindings didn't release.  I think the setting on them is 7 and max for me would be 8.  The skis are Elan GSX 176, 21M with Marker Pro Comp 12 and Piston Plate.


The OS says I get preferred parking now.  His nurse even said "Wow Ken.  That was a pretty good stretch for you.  We haven't seen you in 4 months!" This will be my 3 surgery (acl, rtc and now possibly acl) by him in three years.


What is odd is that OS says the damage is more severe than when I did it to my left leg, but this time (unlike last time) it doesn't hurt and with just a cheap neoprene hinged brace from Walgreens, I was walking on it two days later.  On the left leg I was on crutches for a month and then a cane for three weeks.  My ROM is already what took me a couple of months of PT to achieve.  My legs are (were) in way better shape than they were last time so that probably is helping.  The last time I had arthrofibrosis and I guess that was preventing getting the ROM I needed and the swelling never went away.


This time around, based on my history, the OS wants a much more aggressive PT schedule so I'm icing often and working ROM.  What is weird is I'm getting a "cankle"!  eek.gifMy ankle is fairly swollen.  No pain or discoloration.  I guess it's just gravity pulling fluids from my knee and maybe the neoprene brace is too tight?


Anyway.  As much as I've been trying to avoid this forum (nothing personal wink.gif).  Looks like I'll be hanging out here a while.



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Sorry to hear it Ken...I did ACL/MCL/Meniscus Oct/Nov '08 and got in about 80 days last season and am on pace for more this year with things feeling pretty strong...good luck to you!

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I did the first one at the end of the season in '08.  Did 30+ days '08/'09 then 57 days '09/'10 and had 32 days already this year.  Since my acl in my left leg couldn't be repaired due to the arthrofibrosis, I still don't have one in my left leg and I'm concerned my dependency on my left leg now is going to strain it.

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Bummer. Heal quickly.

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Got the MRI results back.  Went from ACL tear and at least a grade 2 MCL tear to:


complete ACL tear

grade 3 MCL

grade 3 LCL

extensive contusion in a few spots

meniscus tears in a couple spots

and a possible cortical fracture.


How they heck do you do all that hooking a gate!?!  You would think I stuck my leg in a snow thrower!


I hope this can be fixed by next season. 


OK.  I feel better now.


Thanks for letting me vent.



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Sorry Ken.  Once they're in there though they can probably fix it all and you should be fine for next season.

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You'll be fine. It'll suck, but you'll be fine. What's a cortical fracture though? Never heard of that.

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Ken, when's the surgery? Good luck on the pre and rehabin'!

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Thanks.  Art Linkletter was right.  Getting old isn't for sissies!



Me either.  Googled it and its:


"a fracture that involves the cortex of a bone."



I'm hoping for the end of April.  The surgery isn't fully scheduled.  Left the OS's office last week with the understanding it would be in 6-8 weeks.  The thought then was that he wanted the MCL to heal first.  I don't know if all this newly discovered damage will change his protocol. Still waiting on a call from the scheduling nurse.  I did meet with her and give her all the data.  That by the way seems odd because they have more data on me than I have on me!  This will be my 3rd surgery with the same OS in three years. 


I also got a package in the mail yesterday yahoo.gif.  New toys to play with in my "Half-ass ski shop".  Thanks!


As a side note, after I got the MRI, I asked the tech if she noticed anything.  She said "We aren't allowed to discuss but lets just say it isn't a perfect knee.  I would be very careful with it."  Three of the 4 major ligaments have complete tears so I guess I should eek.gif.  She then told me to come back the next day so I could pick up the results. 



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Originally Posted by L&AirC View Post
  She then told me to come back the next day so I could pick up the results. 



Well, at least she didn't say "Send someone the next day", eh?    Thin silver linings and all.

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