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So here is the story behind all of this.  I have Volkl 168 Tigershark 10 ft.(2011).  Great ski by the way.  So i am in high school racing and i was running slalom gates but the first time through i clip a gate with the tip of the ski.  and the ski pops off (naturally).  but when i retrieve my ski i notice the silver plate near the toe piece that the toe of the boot rests on was dislodged.  it is spring loaded and something happened (I'm thinking it is how my boot released pulled it and it got messed up?)  i was wondering if there was anyone here who might know how to fix this problem.  any and all answers are much appreciated.


this is how it is supposed to look.

photo (6).JPG






this is what they looked like after the fall


photo (5).JPG


And this is what i have been able to get it to


photo (4).JPG


not pictured here is there is the last rung of a spring that has come to the outside onder the overhang.  


So after my fall i try to force it back in place and got it a decent way back and decided to click back in and keep sking.  


the silver piece is spring loaded but on the broken one the spring has stopped bringing it back into place.  


My main question after all this (thanks to those who made it this far) is what really happened, and is it something i can fix or am i going to need to go to a shop and have them fix for me.