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ISIA discount lift pass in Zermatt

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Going to Zermatt mid March for 9 days, anyone out there know if ISIA pass book will get discounts on lift pass. Thanks, Dan

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I don't actually know the answer, but you can contact the Tourist Office through the Zermatt website.  However, my guess would be 'no'; since the four lift companies merged about ten years ago, the ticketing policy in Zermatt has become much tighter than previously.  They have also been making massive investments in the lift system lately and won't want to limit revenues; finally, Zermatt just doesn't need to offer discounts to attract people!


I was skiing with a UIAGM guide from Saas Fee in Zinal a couple of weeks ago, and he had to pay full price for his lift ticket (well, he added it onto the final bill!!).

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Thanks, I have contacted the lift company and have been told I will receive "about a 50% discount". I'll be happy to take it.

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Cool, good result!

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Yep--my experience is that the ISIA credential is pretty highly respected in most places like Zermatt, and that they'll treat you quite well. It's been a few years since I've skied in Europe, so I'm glad to hear that that hasn't changed.

Have a fantastic time in Switzerland.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Hi All

it is great that most of the big Euro resorts give a discount for the ISIA stamp. I can remember a time when some of the big French resorts would give you a free pass when you produced your licence and were there with clients. I think a great many of the resorts in the USA also offer regular discounts for the stamp. I know it was not a problem for me in Park City and JH. Obviously as a stamp holder it really annoys me when the lift pass offices at resorts offer no discount. Its a shame because to get a stamp on your license is not easy....or cheap to achieve.

Every ski resort in Australia refuses a discount. Considering the passes are $100.00 a day this is harsh. Niseko Japan offers no discount.


I can not understand why Whistler offers no discount...considering the prices of their passes and the stature of the place this is harsh.




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The ISIA pass was in fact honored at the Zermatt ticket window. I was given a 50 % discount on a nine day pass,Italy included. Saved over $300 USD. St Moritz gave 20 chf off a 66 chf 1 day ticket.

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