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You're welcome, Best wishes.

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Originally Posted by Skidude72 View Post

Oh God....


icon13.gif  I seriously hate this.  IF YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRAVERSE YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS BEING THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There are plenty of places and times for learning..the lone traverse on a powder day to a powder bowl aint it.  Show some ski etiquette.  As the hills get more advanced lifts the runs become busier, thus knowing your ability or inability and how it effects others is important.  You dont take your 16 year old for their first driving lesson into heavy traffic at rush hour....same logic applies on a ski hill.

I'm sorry, I took the calling upon a diety, the capital letters, upside down thumb icon and string of exclamation points as a rant....


There is nothing to prove wrong or right.  Folks are heading out on your coveted traverse-with or without skills, this thread won't stop them-they'll just do it.  If someone thoroughly knowledgeable (like Dan Egan) wants to post up some public advice to help at least a few of them do it better and more safely-Bravo.


I do suspect, however, that Dan's clinics have helped some of those 'not ready for prime time' skiers, acquire enough mountain skills to negotiate a powdery traverse to even Skidude's standards.

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Originally Posted by Skidude72 View Post

I still cant beleive you disagree with me...


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Is that anything like STFU?

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Internet term for Quoted For Truth
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The only thing that annoys me is when ski instructors take classes onto traverses on busy (weekend) powder days. A few weeks ago at Whistler, some idiot brought a class up the goat path to ski VD, so all the poor students are struggling (it's not long or hard, but has a bit of exposure) while there are 30+ pissed off people waiting to get up and ski. Finally I get to the top and this moron is asking people where the no-go/cliff areas are... really?


People stopping? Pass them with a warning, or if it's on a slow part just politely ask them to move, I do it all the time. Snowboarders post holing? Buzz them as close/fast as possible to make their life miserable so they give up or realize skiing is a better way to travel on a mountain.

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