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Demo bindings

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I've heard that rental bindings are heavier than regular ones because they have to be adjustable.  Does that hold true for demo bindings?  Alta just put their demos on sale for $399 including demo bindings and tuning and I'm wondering whether I'll want to replace the bindings.  Not that it'd be a hardship given the price reduction.  Obviously, I know absolutely nothing about bindings; I've just barely managed to narrow my potential ski list to 5 or 6 skis.  And price is an issue, since I already bought great boots, and even at my local's discount, skiing is an expensive proposition, as we all know.


I was going up tomorrow to demo anyway, so I'll be able to check availability.  Of course, I'd buy now but wouldn't get them until April 18th, but I bought my boots at the Deep Powder House, so they might give me a break if I want to keep demo-ing the skis I decide to buy.


Oh, by the way, the price includes shipping to the lower 48.


I am all in a tizzy about this.  And skiing in general.  Good thing my heart's in good shape.

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Yes, demo bindings are often (but not always) heavier than a  normal binding.  My view is that this is a feature:  more mass down there gives more momentum to power through the crud and junk.  I have demo bindings on all my skis, and I've never understood why "lightweight" should be a selling point for a binding.


Now, if I liked to hike carrying my skis on my back I might think otherwise...

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Molto gratzi.  I'm not sure which is better; 'they' keep going on about lightness for women's skis, which doesn't make that much sense to me because of where my CM is and because I'm strong enough to use it as leverage.  Or about strong enough--getting better every day on the snow.

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