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Business class survey

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Hey everybody, I'm a business student at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA and in one of my classes we're working on new product design/development and marketing. If you have a couple minutes to spare, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could complete the survey we've created - it's 27 questions. Our goal is to get feedback from the skiing community, but more specifically from cross-country skiers or anybody who has cross-country skied before. Any feedback would be great, thanks for your time!



Survey link:



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took it.  Don't know why but I couldn't resist. Other candid feedback.


1. I equate shock absorbers with loss of power transfer. Since 50% of your power comes from the poles in skate skiing I am not sure I would want to lose any power.


2. I could see classic nordic use but shock absorption isn't something I normally worry about with nordic skiing


3. Would worry about added weight and more importantly durability.


4. Would consider if I had a shoulder injury though.


5. Demoing the product would be critical before buying


Good luck!

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